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How to update Android TV apps


Take a look at the two methods that we propose to update the applications of your device with Android TV.

How to update Android TV apps
Don’t let your apps get stale on your TV or media player. Downloading its latest version is very easy.

Android TV is the version of Android adapted to televisions and multimedia players. It is also the core of the Fire TV operating system, something that allows install HBO Max on Amazon devices. Also, this operating system is the one used by Google in Chromecast with Google TV. In all these cases, you are very interested in what we tell you here. Do you already know how to update Android TV apps? Read on to find out.

In the following sections we explain two methods to install updates on your Android TV. These processes are applicable to any device that has this operating system. It can be one of the best tvs with android tv or a media player, such as the xiaomi mi tv stick. Remember that we have also talked about the best free apps for android tv. Most of them receive updates from time to time that you should install.

Why is it important to update apps on Android TV?

There are several reasons why it is crucial to keep Android TV apps on the latest version. And the truth is that they are the same reasons why you should do it on your phone or computer:

  • Fix errors. The developers include patches that fix bugs. If you are having problems with a specific application, our advice is to go to the store to see if there is a new version. Probably, those responsible will have detected the error and have put a solution in the new version released.
  • Solve security gaps. The updates also serve to plug holes where a potential external attacker could sneak into the device. As a general rule, keeping a device updated and downloading the latest versions of its applications is synonymous with greater security.
  • Enjoy the news. Sometimes updates come with interface revamps, user experience improvements, or new functionality. There’s only one way to enjoy these changes, and yes, you guessed it: update your apps.

Fortunately, for update your favorite apps you will not need to carry out any methods for advanced users, such as enable developer options on android tv. Rather, all you need is to go to the official store, the Google Play Store. Continue reading to find out how to do it.

Install updates on Android TV manually

As you have seen in the previous section, having the most recent versions of your applications is very advantageous, even on a multimedia playback device. However, What do I have to do to download the latest available? In short, go to the app store.

android tv

As you would with an Android mobile device, the easiest way to download the latest updates on Android TV is to go to the Google Play Store.

In the Google Play Store all pending updates are brought together. All that is required is that you access it. You can do it in these two ways:

  • Searching the Play Store as another application. Locate the store in the Android TV launcher and click on its icon to access it.
  • From the Applications section. Open the Applications section and then select the Download more applications option.

If you managed to get into the Play Store, head to the top and select your account icon. Then go into Manage apps and games. Finally, open the section updates and press on Update all. Don’t forget that, from this section, you can check what’s new in the updates.

Install updates on Android TV automatically

The other possibility that you have at your fingertips when it comes to keeping Android TV applications updated is to enable the automatic download of new versions.

As in the previous case, the first step you should take is to open the Google Play Store. Locate it in the application area, on your TV or media player. Once you are inside the store, go to the top and press on the icon of your account.

On the left side of the screen, select the command settings, located in the left area. From there, turn on automatic updates. From now on, you no longer have to worry about downloading new versions of your applications. The device with Android TV will take care of doing it at the most convenient time.

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