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How to use your Google Stadia controller with Bluetooth


Google publishes the tool to turn the Stadia Controller into a standard Bluetooth Low Energy controller… It couldn’t be easier!

It's here: how to use your Stadia controller with Bluetooth
How to switch your Stadia gamepad to ‘Bluetooth mode’ with the Google tool.

Unfortunately, Google Stadia closes the blind imminently and from tomorrow we will never again be able to access the pioneering video game platform in transmissionthat he did want to say goodbye in style by publishing one last game and confirming the release of the I send from Stadia so it doesn’t become more e-junk or a nice, free, useless paperweight.

Stadia developers promised that “in a few days” they would publish the self-service tool to unlock the Stadia Controller and allow its use as any Bluetooth remote control, finally a very simple web application that has already been published on the Stadia website along with all the necessary information.

Just below Do you have the links you need? to complete the process, although we, here at Andro4all, detail you now and as we always do everything you need to know of a procedure that will take you only 5 minutes…

Will you join us in this bittersweet story?

Bluetooth Mod for Stadia Controller, guide and installation

Google releases the Stadia Controller and the platform says goodbye with a new game

How to use the Google Stadia controller with Bluetooth

The first thing you should know is that any I send Stadia can be released until December 31, 2023 from the link that we left you previously, so there’s really no rush to do it unless you want to start using the controller with your mobile phones, PCs or compatible consoles.

The second thing is that the change to ‘Bluetooth mode’ its permanent and it can’t be reversed, something that won’t matter too much either because without the Stadia platform it will be impossible to use it in Wi-Fi mode anymore.

Doing it is very simple and the application itself will guide us automatically after connecting the controller to the PC using a USB-C cable that has the ability to transfer data. The only requirement is to use a Chrome web browser 108 or higher.

Once the process is complete the Stadia Controller will become a gamepad Bluetooth Low Energy standardlike any other available on the market, and can be used with any compatible smartphone as well as on PCs, tablets, consoles and in general any remote device with Bluetooth LE.

To link it we will have to press the “Y + Stadia” buttons for 2 secondswhich will activate the pairing mode (the LED will flash orange) and will allow us to link the controller in a matter of seconds. Once successfully paired and paired the Stadia Controller should keep up with the steady white light.

Stadia controller with Bluetooth

This is how the app teaches us to use our Stadia Controller with Bluetooth as soon as we release it.

Own Stadia Controller will save the last settings of pairing, so as long as we don’t change the device will automatically connect to the last acquaintance.

Finally, Google confirms that the buttons of the ‘Attendee’ Y ‘Capture’ they will do nothing in the new Bluetooth mode until they are remapped using any button mapping service on the paired device, so we can use them for any function we want within our games.

Stadia is leaving us, but at least we can continue using the very correct Stadia Controller with our other platforms… Now you can run, you fools!

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