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I bought these Sony headphones for 10 euros and I’m delighted


The headphones from the Japanese manufacturer are at a high level despite their low price.

I bought these Sony headphones for 10 euros and I'm delighted
Sony headphones are white, with an adjustable headband and an integrated microphone for calls.

If you need some quickly headphones Y you don’t want to spend just moneythese Sony headphones are for you. for about 10 euros you take a headband-type headphones closed with cable and integrated microphone on the cable with decent sound. You can buy it both in white and in black, the pink model is somewhat more expensive.

sony is synonymous with sound qualityand with this model for 10 euros you have a great purchase option for emergencies. If your budget is very tightThey can be used as main headphones, but if you need something secondary they are a great option Right now with this crazy sale.


Get these Sony headphones for 10 euros

cheap sony headphones

Sony MDR-ZX110: you will hardly find quality headphones for less money.

If you have a player device with 3.5mm jack portThese headphones will make it easier for you to listen to music, movies, series and make calls without having to disturb the rest. Are closed typeThis means that the sound is trapped between the headphones and your ears, leaving hardly any sound outside. The diaphragms are 30mmso we are dealing with on-ear helmets (over the ears). They have a very light, foldable and practical at the same time.

At the sound level they are not the best on the market (it would be missing more costing only 10 euros), but they defend themselves with dignity compared to other models of 40-50 euros. It moves in a range of frequencies between 12 Hz and 22,000 Hzand they are able to isolate a high percentage of outside noise. pads they are padded and very comfortable to use, you won’t get tired of them in no time.

If your budget is low, do not hesitate, for 10 euros there is nothing better.

on the wire integrates a microphone to be able to make calls and not have to pick up the mobile, and also a button with which to answer (or hang up) them, as well as to change songs in playback mode. With the neodymium drivers that integrates you will not have distortion problems at high volume levels.

beware that for very little more Do you have a slightly more advanced model than this, also from Sony, the Sony MDR-ZX310also with cable and controls on it, but able to control wider frequencies (10-24,000Hz). They change slightly in design to include a few slightly brighter driversbut they are still foldable and with a similar sound, but showing more details, especially in cinema mode.

Sony MDR-ZX310

Whatever your choice, any of the two models (and others from Sony that are around 10-20 euros) will be a great buy right now. Sony always complies with its users and it does the same with these cheap models. Do not expect superb quality like that of the Sony WH1000XM5 wireless, but it does not differ much from others that are around 40-50 euros.

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