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If you are not clear with the new Amazon Music, this app to listen to free music is just what you need


If you don’t get clear with the new Amazon Music, this app is the perfect alternative.

If you are not clear with the new Amazon Music, this app to listen to free music is just what you need
At Andro4all we have talked about Radio Garden hundreds of times

As you know, until not long ago, Amazon offered all its Prime users the possibility of listening, through the Amazon Music app and as part of the advantages of Prime users, two million songs for free and without ads. Now, part of the grace of this valuable extra is that users could move freely between the albums and artists that the app made available to us. Because yes, the Amazon Music music catalog for Prime users was “captured” but in exchange we had the full playback control.

If you are a regular user of Amazon Music, you will have noticed that for some time now the service has suffered a considerable change: have a larger music catalog at our disposal but as counterpart we have to deal with song suggestions or random mode, among others downgrades.

What exactly happened to the new Amazon Music

Has one of the best apps to listen to music online? Last November 1st amazon announced important changes on Amazon Music for all Prime subscribers. Right off the bat, the platform’s catalog would go from 2 million to 100 million songsalso adding free access to some of the most successful podcasts of the moment, all while maintaining the service ad free and without added costs.

Amazon Music

Now you have the entire Amazon Music catalog available without ads with your Prime subscription

The problem is that something that should be celebrated as positive news by Amazon Prime subscribers has ended up being a source of controversy among a significant number of users who, far from appreciating the improvement, have criticized the changes in the operation of the app. Thus, for a few weeks the app works by default with the random modeplaying songs that in many cases go beyond the artist or album initially selected.

It is enough to go through the most recent comments on Google Play to detect where the controversy is: random changes between artists, jumps from one genre to another, unused playlists… Basically, the version of Amazon Music for Prime subscribers works better like a kind of massive radio that plays random music minimally related to a specific artist, genre or musical taste.

Radio Garden, our favorite alternative

RadioGarden screenshots

Let Radio Garden surprise you: there is a station out there to fall in love with

And precisely as a result of the change is when it is worth stopping (again) in Radio Gardenan app that actually works almost equal than the new Amazon Music.

With a score of 4.6 on Google Play and more than 10 million downloadsRadio Garden is perhaps the better alternative to Amazon Music, especially if we think of those users who are looking for an app with which Listen free music that does not involve too many complications.

Download Radio Garden on Google Play

We are facing an application completely free (contains some ads but can be removed with a one-time payment of 2.39 euro easily assumable with Google Opinion Rewards) that gives us the possibility to listen millions of radio stations from all over the worldmany of which emit music 24 hours a day. In fact, over the years Radio Garden has pivoted more towards the field of music, suggesting different station playlists grouped by genres and styles.

Thus, if for example you are interested in listening to rock music while you study or work, you can enter the app, type “rock” and choose one of the many music stations what will you find Remember that the app will teach you stations around the worldso you will have some with voices in other languages ​​or with more or less own advertising, although the truth is that it is tremendously easy find stations that play music continuously without advertising or broadcasters.

The easiest thing is to go through the Play Store and try the app on your own. If you did not know her, we guarantee that she will surprise you. By the way, in case you are reading us from an iOS device, know that you can also download it from the app store.

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