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If you have an Android mobile you will only have to activate this function


With the new version of the Google Find My Device app, you can avoid being located using an AirTag

Goodbye to being followed with an AirTag: if you have an Android mobile you will only have to activate this function
An Apple AirTag, inside the keychain attachment

during the past Google I/O 2023The American company took the opportunity to announce some of the most important news that would reach its main services and platforms over the months. One of the leading apps of the event was the google lost device finderthat would change design and introduce several new features, including one that would allow prevent android users from being tracked using locators like the Apple AirTag.

Now, thanks to new clues, we have been able to know how will track blocking work with AirTag on Androidand what will be the function that users must activate to avoid being located without their consent.

Android will allow you to prevent being tracked with an AirTag

He people tracking using locators such as AirTag It is a real and very worrying problem, which is affecting more and more people. Google and Apple are aware of this, and that is why they have developed measures that allow people to know if they are being victimized tracking of this type.

Google, for its part, decided to take advantage of its great event for developers of the year, Google I / O 2023, to announce unknown tracker alerts on androida function present in the operating system, which notifies users when a locator is “moving” past them. This way, they can tell if someone is tracking them.

Now, the feature has started to appear, and we know that it will be available to a larger number of users soon. To activate it, as can be seen in the screenshots shared by Mishaal Rahman in the tweet below these lines, all you have to do is access a new menu within system settingscalled Tracking Alerts.

When the function has been activated, the user will be able to know if a locator can be used to track it, be it an Apple AirTag or a model from another brand. may also be play a sound on the pager to find his position and get rid of him, if necessary.

Google assured that this function would be available this year, but for now it has not given an exact date for its arrival. Most likely, it is necessary to wait until the release of the final version of android 14 at the end of summer. Be that as it may, it is very likely that the brand will end bringing this same function to previous versions of the system.

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