Home Tech If you want the most exclusive OnePlus 11, this is it

If you want the most exclusive OnePlus 11, this is it

If you want the most exclusive OnePlus 11, this is it


Very special for fans of Genshin Impact, this very limited edition of the OnePlus 11 will only have 1,000 units for sale.

If you want the most exclusive OnePlus 11, this is it
This is the Limited Edition OnePlus 11 Genshin Impact.

There is no doubt that manufacturers like limited and exclusive editions of its main smartphones to give them notoriety, media impact and also a touch of that collector fanaticism that fuels the desire to have things and that makes us spend huge sums of money on hard-to-find products. If not for this, it would be hard to explain why. Samsung, realme or now OnePlusamong other manufacturers, They have explored together with other firms these exclusive mobiles so sought after

In this case we introduce you to one plus 11 turned to object of desire of the most fans of Genshin Impactand it is that the manufacturer from Shenzhen and the developer miHoYo have come together so that one of the best Android phones on the market today is disguised as Xianglingthus being inspired by the universe of this extremely popular video game and making itself available to users in collectible format along with a lot of gifts and in an exclusive package.

This new limited edition OnePlus 11 arrives inspired by Genshin Impact and with only 1,000 units for sale in the United States, without theming on the smartphone itself but with an exclusive box and many collectible accessories.

Also is that will be very limitedWell, as our companions told us 9to5Google It will go on sale this Friday, July 21, 2023 at oneplus.comonly for the United States and keeping the price of $799.99 with which it is normally listed in its configuration of 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, although in its case with only 1,000 units available in North America that will make many fight to buy it.

Not in vain, is that this edition inspired by Xiangling will feature and packaging exclusive bento box type very similar to those that can be achieved in the Liyue region in Genshin Impact. in this box Lots of collector’s trinkets includedstarting from the packaging itself that holds surprises such as a theme book with all the information about the collaboration on OnePlus and miHoYo by sliding the top drawer.

In the second drawer, obviously, we will find the mobile in a striking red box matching the entire collector’s edition, though its design and hardware does not suffer variations with respect to the one that can be acquired in commercial and non-limited versions.

OnePlus 11 Genshin Impact, photo gallery

There is no theming in the software eithersomething strange, except for certain wallpapers that we can find in the theme manager and that are available for any OnePlus phone, so in this part, the truth is that the mobile, very collector’s, it’s not that it’s. Perhaps this is where the strategy of maintaining prices comes from.

What we will have are themed accessories that will only be available in these 1,000 limited edition units, starting from a skewer to extract the SIM inspired by the bear Guoba. It is not the only thing, because inside the package they also come trading cards of Xiangling and GuobaPrinted on a special paper with a metallic effect and ecological materials. And not only that, because there various stickers and decals that we will find in the attached brochures.

Even if you wanted to buy it for now, you will have to be patient, and it is that here in Europe there is no information on the availability of this exclusive version, which initially Coming only to North America to make our teeth long… Why are all the exclusive editions for the United States and China?


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