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IKEA has just launched some charging cables for 3 euros that you are going to want to buy


IKEA has launched its new SITTBRUNN collection of cables and accessories for smartphones, tablets and more.

IKEA has just launched some charging cables for 3 euros that you are going to want to buy
The new Ikea USB C cable, 1 meter long and made of a resistant material

For some time now, the Swedish giant of furniture and other decoration elements for the home, IKEAHe has his own collection of technological productswhich is renewed every so often with interesting news. On this occasion, the company has added a new range of accessories for smartphones, tablets, wearables and others teams that stand out for its reduced price.

The collection SEAT GOOD It is made up charging cables of different kinds, with prices that start from only 2 euros. As of today, they can already be purchased in the company’s online store and in the different physical stores that the company has throughout the national territory.

Cables of all kinds from only 2 euros: the IKEA SITTBRUNN collection arrives in Spain

Within the collection, it is possible to find different types of cables. Since USB-C to USB-C, USB A to USB C or USB AA MicroUSB. The three models are made of a flexible TPE plastic material able to bend up to 25,000 times without damage.

everyone has one 1 meter length and the USB C connector features protection system that prevents overheating. It can transmit data at a maximum speed of 480MB/second and supports 3A current.

yellow ikea cord

The yellow model has a USB A and USB C port

As it is evident looking at its price, it is a basic accessorywhich will not allow you to take advantage of the most modern fast charging systems integrated into the most recent mobile phones and tablets available on the market. However, it can be an interesting purchase that can save us from some trouble.

IKEA USB-C cable

Only the blue model includes two USB C connectors

The cable is available in colors grey, blue and yellow depending on the type of connector. Of course, they are compatible with other IKEA products, such as their wall chargers and wireless charging pads.


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