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Import substitution of network equipment based on Qtech


Import substitution of network equipment based on Qtech

July 18 at 12:00 (Moscow time) an overview webinar on Qtech network equipment will be held.

In the program of the event:

  1. Let’s talk about the main achievements and directions of development of Qtech.
  2. Qtech network equipment: switches and routers.
  3. Opportunities, specifications, software, warranty, Qtech network equipment service.
  4. Application schemes for Qtech network equipment.
  5. Comparison of Qtech network equipment with foreign analogues.


Nikita Berezin is an expert at Infratekh with three years of experience in implementing network equipment in various projects.

Alexey Gusenkov is a network technology specialist. He will tell about the technical features of Qtech network equipment.

date and time: July 18 at 12:00 (Moscow time)

The webinar will be useful to everyone who has CISCO, Huawei or Juniper network equipment, you wanted to buy or upgrade licenses and in the current situation do not know which of the domestic solutions would be suitable.

You are already using Qtech networking solutions and would like to brush up on your knowledge of the product line.

Participation in the webinar will be of interest to IT directors, heads of IT departments, network infrastructure specialists, IT specialists, technical specialists and other specialists responsible for providing network infrastructure.

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