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Insider: Bioshock IV is dying in production hell. Cloud Chamber Studio Can’t Handle Game Development


Insider: Bioshock IV is dying in production hell.  Cloud Chamber Studio Can't Handle Game Development

Fans of the Bioshock franchise have been waiting for many years for the release of a new part, which is being developed by Cloud Chamber studio. It is assumed that the game will receive the subtitle Isolation, and its actions will unfold in Antarctica in the 60s

In the absence of game creator Ken Levine, many gamers are already skeptical about this project, and now information from insider Oops Leaks gives even more cause for concern.

What is known

According to Oops Leaks, Bioshock IV has fallen into production hell. The insider claims that the problems that were previously reported have not been resolved, but only worsened.

Due to the constant change in the concept of the game, the inexperience of game designers and perturbations in the development team, Cloud Chamber cannot build a unified vision of the project, which is why the development was restarted for the fourth time in the summer of 2022. In addition, the developer and publisher are not sure about the financial success of Bioshock IV, so they can not decide on the game’s budget.

Oops Leaks believes that in order to get out of the vicious circle of failures, the game should be announced immediately and get the opinion of the public, and then make a final decision on the continuation of development or its complete cancellation.

It’s hard not to agree with the opinion of the blogger, few games have been successful after so many problems. With Bioshock IV, something needs to be done urgently!

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