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iOS 17 will help you know what the icons on clothing labels mean


iOS 17 has an amazing feature that detects and explains the icons on our clothing tags.

iOS 17 will help you know what the icons on clothing labels mean
New feature in iOS 17 that will help you understand the icons on clothing labels

Little by little we are learning small details about iOS 17 that make life a little easier for us, such as the possibility of insert passwords anywhere or even features that protect our privacyamong many others. The fact is that recently, a functionality that had gone unnoticed has been discovered: the possibility of recognizing the icons that appear on the clothing label and explain its meaning. Meaning that few people know.

This is how the new feature of iOS 17 works that is capable of deciphering the meaning of the icons present on the label of our clothes

iOS added a feature called Bvisual browser with which we can identify important places within cities, the breed of our dog or cat, the types of plants, etc. It’s very simple, you just have to open a photo and click on the letter i at the bottom, if the Photos app detects something, some stars will appear to indicate that there is information to display. When you display the option, it will give you information about what appears in the photo.

And that same method will be used here in iOS 17 to recognize the icons that appear on the label of our clothes. With a simple photo, iOS 17 will be able to tell us what each of the icons means with a brief explanation so we can understand what they mean. Something very easy to carry out as explained Federico Viticci in Mastodon.

So, all we have to do to use this function is capture the label of a garment and open the photo to press the Visual Browser button (the i at the bottom) and access all the information that will be provided to us. As we have told you, it is brief, but it goes to the point and allows us to understand the meaning of the icons.

As we can see in the example photo, there are many icons that iOS 17 can detectso it will be rare if any of the ones shown in our photo are not detected by this functionality. iOS 17 is about to launch its public beta and will remain in beta until September.

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