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Is Cider legit? A Buyer’s Guide


Do you love online shopping, but wondering if Cider is legit or if it’s just another fake shopping website? That’s a million-dollar question, and we will answer it in a while. Launched in 2020, Cider is a women’s fashion clothing brand that gained popularity in a very short period.

Is Cider legit? A Buyer’s Guide

This fast-fashion brand sells some cool and chic stuff that celebrates happiness in the regular woman. They often promote their clothes through Instagram or TikTok. This post will offer a quick buyer’s guide and tell you if Cider clothing is legit.

Is Cider legit?

With over 2 million downloads in the US alone and 4.1 million Instagram followers, Cider Clothing is a legit brand. Some of its products have gone viral since their launch and have been doing pretty well among Gen Z. Although mostly made of virgin polyester and spandex, the clothes are affordable yet fashionable.

In the earlier days, buyers had a lot of complaints against the company due to delays in shipping, or no deliveries at all. However, they soon struck a deal with DHL, and since then, there has been no looking back. Unlike the fast fashion brands like Shein or Poshmark, or fast-drop shipping companies like Halara with too many negative reviews, Cider is ethical and legit.

Buyer’s Guide to Cider Clothing

From retro to more refined, Cider offers a huge collection of street styles at reasonable prices. The company makes its presence through its social media footprint which includes, Instagram and TikTok. The company promotes its products through Instagram influencers on the platform, while it inspires Gen Z to curate their personal style. Here’s a quick buying guide for those who want to try the new popular clothing brand, but wonder if it’s legit.

What is Cider clothing?

is Cider legit

Cider was launched in 2020 by four friends and named after a popular apple drink. Their aim was to build a fashion brand inspired by the streets of New York or Paris. However, with rising popularity, it expanded its collection by picking cues from the brand collections like Versace showcased on popular TikTok clips or from your favorite K-pop videos. At the same time, the brand makes sure that they maintain the fashion boundaries, make it relatable, environment-friendly, and cater to all sizes. Best of all, they manufacture products in small batches only as per order, thus, following the no-waste policy. The collection also includes shoes and accessories making it a complete buy for the mundane.

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What made Cider go viral?

is Cider legit

Cider clothing went viral in 2020 when they listed a copy of the Versace multi-colored dress from 13 Going on 30 donned by Christa Allen. The dress was a craze in 2004 after the film’s release, and so it inspired many designers over the years. With Shop Cider listing it for just £18, it got the dress back from the dead. It was an instant hit among GenZ for obvious reasons.

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Is Cider good to buy from?

is Cider legit

Based on the fact that Cider manufactures cheap clothing that is produced quickly, and copies the premium fashion trends, it can be easily called a fast-fashion brand. However, Cider claims to focus on sustainability keeping environmental factors in mind. For example, it apparently follows strict international labor guidelines that include fair labor practices, maintaining a healthy environment for workers, and the use of eco-friendly and reusable materials. While their strict policies do not make them fall into the fast-fashion category, they do need to improve on a few aspects.

Talking of the shipping policies, while it does not take more than a week and a half for your order to be delivered, some people do have a bitter experience. While for some it took forever, for some, the fit wasn’t great or the item was lost in transit. However, the customer service seems to be responsive and they claim to be improving on this part. The return process on the other hand proves to be costly for non-US customers. Starting at £6.85 to return the product to China looks like nothing but a forced marketing strategy to encourage the consumers to keep the clothes.

Coming to the reviews, while Trustpilot gives it 4 stars and there are more positive reviews on Instagram, the Instagram posts do not seem to have more than 100 likes. Although the comments on social media are somewhat on the favorable side, there are numerous complaints on Twitter and Reddit. While some buyer has complained about shipping time or cheap materials used to someone talking of stinking clothes, there are perhaps equally negative reviews. At the same time, some users have a decent experience to talk about.

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Overall, Cider Clothing is a legit company with no scams reported. Having said that, the company does need to work on its shipping and returns policies, and the quality of materials used. Since they claim to follow sustainability, the complaints regarding its quality and the stench prove otherwise. But, if you are looking for trendy designs at a throwaway price, Cider is definitely worth the try.

Is Cider a Chinese website?

Yes, Cider Clothing is a Chinese brand and is manufactured in Guangzhou. With partner companies all over China, they make unconventional, colorful, and high-quality clothes at the lowest price and are accessible to everyone across the world.

Are Shein and Cider the same?

No, Shein and Cider are two different companies, although both are based in China. However, the idea is indeed similar to that of Shein in a lot of aspects. But what makes Cider stand out is the fact that it follows sustainability, follows strict policies, and offers colorful designs, and the shop-by-mood category. So, there’s a fashion for every mood, for example, cute, whimsical, etc.

Is Cider legit? A Buyer’s Guide

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