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It costs 50 euros to change and is charged by USB-C


A simple and functional design, Xiaomi DNA, with a very attractive price of about 50 euros and an imminent launch for China.

This is the Xiaomi hair straightener: it costs 50 euros to change and is charged by USB-C
This is the new Mijia Wireless Styler, Xiaomi’s first hair straightener that costs only about 50 euros.

More products for the huge catalog of Xiaomiwhich now continues to delve into small household appliances and in particular in beauty productspresenting ourselves now to what is already your first hair straightener also with differential conception.

And it is that this device, which is called mijia wireless stylerhas a 2,500 mAh battery to power become independent from the electricity gridallowing us to “play” with our hair from anywhere at any time and for at least 25 minuteswhich is its estimated maximum range.

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This new Xiaomi hair straightener was taught to us by friends from GizmoChinaalso informing us that it can be used both for straightening and styling the hair as well as for curling italways with a simple and functional design which is already common in all devices made in Xiaomi.

Also again, classic with the signature of Lei Jun, is that your chances are above the pricebecause the Mijia Wireless Styler can heat up your MMH panel in just 30 seconds after ignition, with a three-dimensional floating ironing surface that fits perfectly to the hair guaranteeing uniform heating.

This surface is treated with tourmalinea mineral that releases negative ions when heated causing the hair is always soft and without unwanted tangles after the styling session. Xiaomi also says that the styles created with her iron can last up to 8 hours.

The new Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Styler, photo gallery

We will even have the option of set the temperature to 165, 185 or 210 degrees Celsius to adapt to the needs of each type of hair and hairstyle.

Regarding the rest of the design, construction and features, this Mijia Wireless Styler iron is equipped with a USB type-C connector for chargingis very light so that it can be carried in a travel bag, also having an airplane mode lock to make it safe travel with her

It is not Xiaomi’s first beauty product, but it is a hair straightener with differential characteristics compared to the market thanks to its wireless concept. It also costs only about 50 euros to change, but the worst thing is that for now we will not be able to buy it in Spain or in Latin America.

The new Mijia Wireless Styler is now available in China for pre-ordersalthough it will start shipping imminently as it will be in stores next December 27 at a price of 369 yuan, which is about 53 dollars or about 49.50 euros at the current exchange rate.

Unfortunately, to date there is no news of its international launchso you will have to wait patiently for your arrival at the official stores.

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