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it is as resistant as it is cheap

it is as resistant as it is cheap


Xiaomi renews its family of travel suitcases in 2023, with rigid designs of 20, 24, 26 and 28 inches made with an anti-scratch texture and a price… Not so good for a change!

Xiaomi's latest bombshell is a suitcase: it is as resistant as it is cheap
This is the MIJIA Suitcase, Xiaomi’s new rigid suitcase.

You are a xiaomi the accounts did not come out with his electronics department, which obviously does come outThe truth is that the Chinese giant could perfectly survive with all the enormous amount of products it sells under its satellite brands, and that is that the firm led by Lei Jun offers everything from clothing to personal mobility vehiclesgoing by office accessories, backpacks and even travel suitcases.

In fact, it is that in the past we met a cheaper Redmi suitcasebut now the Haidian-based giant has wanted update your cut more premium regarding luggagewith a complete family of suitcases called MIJIA suitcase which arrives completely renovated in 2023 and in various sizes to satisfy all kinds of customers.

And also be careful, because the Chinese manufacturer has gone a little further with functionality, providing their new suitcases with a flat surface that will allow us to use them as auxiliary tables during long waits at airports and stations, both to work and to eat or have a snack comfortably anywhere.

Our colleagues told us gizmochinainforming that the new family of Xiaomi suitcases will be available in various sizes, which will be of 20-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, or 28-inch diagonal adapting to the use and needs of any type of client.

In terms of materials, the suitcases are designed around a high performance Covestro PC protectionwith multilayer technology and a anti-scratch exterior texture that will turn it into a durable product that is resistant to the inclemencies of the tapes and transports at airports. Is stronger and more compressive than the previous generation, and also lighter and easier to open or close thanks to its 4:6 division.

Xiaomi's latest bombshell is a suitcase: it is as resistant as it is cheap

A suitcase with ‘clever design’: it can be used as a side table!

As we said, in its upper part it has a completely flat surface that will allow us to easily use it as a side tablealthough Xiaomi does not forget to integrate a grab handle that is hidden embedded in the body of the suitcase.

The front compartment is simple and clearwhile the rear is deeper to better accommodate the content and to fit much more clothes. Its zipper is ultra-resistantexplosion proof indeed, yet designed to glide smoothly and effortlessly to prevent jerking and cracking.

Last but not least, it has wheels to move easilyhigh-quality in addition, antibacterial lining on the inside, a height-adjustable pull rod and the essential TSA compliant combination lock.

Xiaomi's latest bombshell is a suitcase: it is as resistant as it is cheap

Launch promotional image published by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi MIJIA Suitcase, prices and launch

As usual we will not see these suitcases in Spain in the short termalthough it is possible that Xiaomi official stores have units in a few months. It will be sold in four colors: black, grey, blue and green.

In China they are already available in all their variants, with prices that they start from 379 yuan (about 48 euros) to 579 yuan (more or less 73 euros). They are not so cheap, but their possibilities they are high end and having the best always costs.


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