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its first leaked photos confirm a strong resemblance to the Galaxy S23


The Samsung Galaxy A54 has been seen in its first leaked photos to show us its design in great detail.

Samsung Galaxy A54: its first leaked photos confirm a strong resemblance to the Galaxy S23
The future Samsung Galaxy A54 will have a design much more similar to that of the Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy A53 arrived at the beginning of last year with the idea of ​​conquering the segment of the game media based on some state-of-the-art specifications and a competitive price. Thus, he managed to become one of the most popular Samsung phones throughout 2022, and it is not surprising that Samsung wants to repeat the success with a new generation.

Thanks to a new leak coming from the portal android headlineswe have been able to see the First photos of the new Samsung Galaxy A54 5Gthe successor to the Galaxy A53, which should be presented at some point in the first half of this year.

The images come with surprise. And it is that, as has been seen, Samsung would have decided update the aesthetic line of its Galaxy A series, with the aim of bringing it closer to the visual language of future Galaxy S23.

Aspect of Galaxy S23 for much less money: this would be the Galaxy A54

In the images, you can see how the Galaxy A54 would remove the raised camera module so characteristic of the last two generations of the Galaxy A50 series, to welcome a format where each of the three rear sensors it is surrounded by a metal ring (or plastic with a metal effect). In addition, the device corners are now more rounded.

The terminal would continue to be made of plastic, and would debut in four colors many different: black, white, purple and lime green.

Its front has also undergone changes, having some narrower margins around the screen, and with a more uniform size than in the previous generation. Only the lower edge seems to be slightly wider than the rest.

Of the Galaxy A54 it is known that it would work with a Full HD+ OLED screen with 120 hertz refresh rate5000 mAh capacity battery and 50 megapixel main camera. This leak has allowed us to know that the terminal will have almost identical dimensions to those of the Galaxy A53.

Its presentation is scheduled for the first quarter of the year, although everything seems to indicate that Samsung will first announce its Galaxy S23 series before presenting its new mid-range smartphone. Last year, the Galaxy A53 was introduced alongside the Galaxy A33, and since we have already received clues about the new Galaxy A34It seems likely that the brand plans to make a new joint submission of several different mid-range smartphones.

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