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I’ve been using them for a week and Google has left me speechless


Spectacular sound for the basic model of the new Google Pixel Buds that surprise.

I've been using them for a week and Google has left me speechless

I recently got these wireless headphones from Google and, at first, it was something skeptical before trying them. Google is not a manufacturer of headphones or sound gadgets as such and that is why the idea of ​​having one from Google made me back down. But nothing is further from reality, these Google Pixel Buds A-Series they are exceptionally good.

In my life I have always had wired headband type headphones, and some wireless ones like the Xiaomi AirDots Pro. But without a doubt these Pixel Buds A-Series they have left me ojiplático. They are up to par with other similarly priced devices like the Galaxy Buds Pro or the OnePlus Buds Pro. For less than 100 euros you have them available in various stores.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

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Pixel Buds A-Series

Google also knows how to make very good wireless headphones

The Pixel Buds A-Series are headphones very well built, they are button type, so they are very firm in the ears. In any case, several pairs of rubber bands come in the box to adapt to the size of each ear. It has a flexible rubber foot that clings to our ear and allows us to use them in high impact sports activities without falling off. I have tried them running and playing paddle tennis. They are resistant to water and rain, you can go outside in the rain and nothing will happen.

The integrated battery will give us about 5 hours of music playback and 2.5 hours of calls. The charging case adds its ability to increase that duration up to 24 hours of music and 12 hours of talk. The case has fast charge, put the headphones in for 15 minutes and you will have an extra 3 hours of use. The case is charged by its USB-C port with the cable included in the box.

I’m using them for cooking, working around the house, and making calls while walking the dog.

The sound is fantastic thanks to the 12mm diaphragms comprising. They are custom designed to offer the best sound level in bass and treble. Also, outstandingly reduce the internal pressure of the ear with space ventilation. With this we can be aware of what is happening around us without losing sight of the music or the call in progress.

They have a infrared proximity sensor that allows you to pause songs when you remove a headset from your ear. They also have an accelerometer with motion detection. And it has a function adaptive volume that raises or lowers the level depending on the noise environment in which you move. If you go from the quiet of your home to a street where there is traffic and construction, the volume will rise to accommodate you so that you don’t miss a thing. This is also done during calls.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Every earphone is tactileon its surface we can tap to pause/play songs/videos, two taps to skip the song, and three taps to go back. Google Assistant (“Hey Google”) will be our ally to start a song or playlist, will read us notifications of messaging apps, it will tell us who is calling without having to look at the mobile, and we can even use it to control home automation made by Google like a Nest Audio or a Nest mini.

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