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JavaScript has been the most widely used programming language for 11 years.


Stack Overflow Poll: JavaScript remains the most common programming language for 11 years

A survey of developers revealed which neural networks and languages ​​are most useful for IT professionals.

Stack Overflow hosted traditional IT market research , which was attended by 90,000 professionals in the field of programming. Leading in the ranking of the most common languages JavaScript — he holds the first position for 11 years in a row. It is followed by HTML/CSS and Python.

Rating of programming languages

Stack Overflow has changed the ranking of programming languages ​​that developers like the most. It now reflects the ratio of programmers who wish to use the language to those who have already had experience with it and intend to continue using it.

  • For example, despite the popularity of JavaScript, only about 40% of programmers want to use it, 57.83% have already tried it and want to use it further.
  • Most lovely – Rust (ratio 30.56% and 84.66%). It ranked first in the list of favorite programming languages ​​in 2020, 2021, 2022. Also favorite languages ​​are Elixir, Clojure, Zig and Raku.
  • The most disliked languages ​​are Matlab and Cobol. 18.31% and 20.33% of developers have tried and want to use them in the future.

Among the cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services is in first place, Microsoft Azure is in second, and Google Cloud is in third.

The study included a new chapter about AI tools. About 70% of those surveyed already use them or plan to in the future. Most often, novice developers turn to AI tools.

Also, 77% support the use of AI for programming. Among the benefits of AI in code, experts point to increased productivity and faster learning. At the same time, only 42% of developers trust the accuracy of AI results. They use AI tools mainly for writing and debugging code. Among the development tools, GitHub Copilot takes the first place. On the second and third – Codeium and Whispr AI.

In the ranking of search tools, the most popular are ChatGPT, Phind and Wolfram Alpha. Also, developers would like to continue to use Bard and Bing in the future.

AI Tool Usage Rating

Stack Overflow research has shown that the IT market continues to evolve and introduce new technologies. Developers choose programming languages ​​that suit their needs and interests. Cloud platforms and AI tools are becoming more and more popular and useful for programming.

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