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Johnny Cash has been dead for 20 years. The AI ​​has made him sing Barbie Girl and the result is scary


The song ‘Barbie Girl’ by the Danish band Aqua is back in fashion thanks to the movie, but what you would never expect is to hear Johnny Cash covering this pop classic thanks to AI.

Johnny Cash has been dead for 20 years.  The AI ​​has made him sing Barbie Girl and the result is scary
No one had asked for this version of ‘Barbie Girl’ sung by Johnny Cash, but the result is so real it’s scary.

much attention to what a well-trained AI can do because this will drive you crazy. especially if you are a music lover and/or a fan of the classicsin this case of music Country that in the end will be the protagonist of the video that we bring you and that will make your head explode. And it’s not friends, we’re not just going to see chatbot as google bard or the ChatGPT the open AIwell the deep fakes that imitate voices are improving so much that they even scare.

In this case you will be able to see how a man of influence known as ‘There I screwed up’ both on TikTok and Youtube has trained an artificial intelligence to sing like the King of the CountryJohnny Cashdoing something that no one had asked for but that looks pretty good, like this version of the popular theme ‘Barbie girl’ from the Danish group Aqua in classic form Country.

Based on ‘Folsom prison blues’ and the lyrics of ‘Barbie Girl’, an influencer has made the AI ​​put Johnny Cash to sing for Aqua with a result… Surprising!

And yes, we talk of course that criticized song of popat the time even denounced by Mattel itself, which now has returned to the first world level thanks to the premiere of the Hollywood film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling to bring Barbie and Ken dolls to life.

We don’t entertain anymore because listening to the song is worth itso we leave you with that viral version of ‘Barbie girl’ sung by Johnny Cash and recreated thanks to artificial intelligence based on ‘Folsom Prison Melancholy’What do you think!

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