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Kickboxing Fitness Trainer v3.32 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download


What are you waiting for if you are looking to own yourself a well-balanced body? Come to Kickboxing Fitness Trainer right away? With this application’s effective exercises, you will get the perfect body. The application will provide you with a suitable training route from simple exercises to more challenging exercises. In addition, you can also experience this application with dark mode to both exercise your body and protect your eyes.

Kickboxing Fitness Trainer – Lose Weight At HomeKickboxing Fitness Trainer – Lose Weight At Home


When using this application, users are free to enjoy kickboxing exercises with many different levels, from basic exercises for beginners to more advanced exercises. The difficulty of your exercises will be gradually increased according to your training level. The trainers are guided very carefully and meticulously. Kickboxing Fitness Trainer presents exercises in a 3D model or provides training videos. The application offers a variety of compound exercises that make your calorie-burning process happen much faster.


Coming to Kickboxing Fitness Trainer, users will experience many effective sports exercises. The application system will fully record your entire training process. Thanks to that, you can review your practice most authentically and can know your mistakes to correct them. In addition, the application also sets up a chart to track your weight change. Through it, for you to know how many calories you have burned in a workout.


This application gives you reasonable exercises to help you have an effective weight loss process without dangerously affecting the body. The exercises of this application are extremely effective and highly safe. Every day, users also get it to send exercise reminders. The application exercises help you increase your speed, endurance, and fitness more. Not only that, these exercises help you burn a large number of calories in the body and lose fat most effectively. At the same time, it also enables you to regenerate energy for you to perform other activities. Users are also provided with an effective diet plan to provide an effective weight loss route.

Kickboxing Fitness Trainer – Lose Weight At HomeKickboxing Fitness Trainer – Lose Weight At Home


  • Provided with a reasonable training schedule with many different exercises and rich and varied training levels.
  • Automatically records your entire workout and provides you with detailed exercise videos or rich 3D models that make it easier to visualize and practice.
  • It helps you burn excess fat and burn calories in your body, helping you regenerate new energy sources to perform other activities.
  • Lose weight effectively with the right exercises and a sensible diet, and the app regularly sends exercise reminders.
  • Owning an effective personal weight loss coach helps you have a more consistent weight loss process.

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