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Kla CigaretteS steps into 27 years of age and reveals 4 interesting stories which some fans may miss!


Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 8:04:18 a.m. Indochina time

back to converge again for July 4th, 2023 which will be like the birthday of a young man from the industry e-sports stepping into adulthood 27 full year, in which before he had created many works, fame and laughter for the audience as a streamer Until making many people feel appreciated, very much in love with this person and can’t be anyone except a famous streamer with a talented substitute from the team Paper Rex like ” Dare CigaretteS ” sure enough

Of course, in order to follow the birthday trend of ” dare S cigarettes ” Therefore, the author decides to ask to raise ” interesting storyAbout a skilled player like Dare CigaretteS.” Let’s tell the fans to know each other. will have all 4 the following


1. Number 76 on the back of Daredevil’s Paper Rex shirt.

For new people who may not be able to arrive in time during the top form of Kla S cigarettes and have begun debut enter the industry e-sports In the beginning, you may not understand the meaning of numbers. 76 By this number, it has been picked up from the former name of the old team of obsolete still active in the industry. CS: go at 7642 and also used to create a lot of fame Until the size of winning the championship at a large level pro league came, but because the money from the tournament could not feed the whole player’s mouth 5 enough, thus causing the members of the team to be separated from each other to follow his own path In which the members of the team are all leading players and continue to circle in the industry e-sports whether

  • S cigarettes players from Paperex (VALORANT)
  • P.T.C. players from Myth (VALORANT)
  • very good players from Team NKT (VALORANT)
  • CBB Former player turned to coach to the affiliation sheet without (value)
  • leaf Former player turned to coach to the affiliation Myth (VALORANT)


2. The Curse of Dare

Back in the days of competition game just about to start hatching By that dare to compete in the list. spokesman Royale ready to win 3 of items can arrive which referred to the aforementioned rank and said to Ginger, “He was ranked 3 Of America ” to show my beloved brother in a funny way, but HEARTROCKER said in a funny way that

“Why not at 1 Oh at 3 Let’s talk why to grab the ranking. 1 Come and show off.”

For the reason for bringing up such events, it is because in the list. VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters Which dares to get a role to play as a substitute instead something And with this change for unexpected reasons, it makes Paper Rex Become an outcast from every team. But in the end, with the efforts of courage and the ability of the players within the team thus making them able to prove themselves Although in the end dare to bear the curse.” 3rd place “Again, but this time the beloved brother like ” hard rocker ” came out to compliment the younger brother through fresh own when June 24th Which can be viewed below.

3. The bad feeling of an invisible substitute

Back to last week after S cigarettes Can fly back to Thailand for just a few days Kla decided to open a stream to tell stories throughout the competition in the program. VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters Whether (for such videos, Dare has been hidden and needs to be subscribed to watch backwards in Kla’s channel)

  • The pressure on the competition due to poor practice results.
  • Until I feel that I have the idea that “I don’t understand what I’m doing” and “I don’t want to compete”
  • He compares himself to himself, is always negative and has no self-confidence. to the extent that it is as if they were ” imposter syndrome “How so?
  • But after winning over EDG Come, dare to feel like unlocking, so I started to feel more confident and play as myself.

4. The latest competition has helped prove Kla’s identity as a pro player.

Although he dared to enter the competition as an “unknown player”, but from the results of the show VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters It is one of the good proofs of Dare that even though he is a substitute and only has time to prepare. 1 weeks, but he was able to help his teammates. Including making some strokes for the team to play more easily until winning the rankings 3 came to win successfully and as a result dared to become one of the players who received a lot of praise both from the mouths of streamers, former competitors to the competitors like tenz I have to raise the courage to mention. Ready to praise that he can do this great work again.

Finally, the way ” Dare CigaretteS ” will come out to show the form and create laughter for the fans in July 8th list show match of VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 Ready to pick up a new mode like Team Deathmatch came out to sell directly to game fans In addition, within such activities, there are also the precursors of the industry. e-sports , influencer and pro player There are many different things that can be said to be prepared to watch the fun and fun in this competition.

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