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Law firm sues DoNotPay ‘robot lawyer’ because he has ‘no law degree’


Law firm sues DoNotPay ‘robot lawyer’ because he has ‘no law degree’

DoNotPay promises to fight for its rights against accusations of practicing the law without a license.

The lawsuit alleges that DoNotPay is in fact neither a robot, nor a lawyer, nor a law firm. DoNotPay does not hold a law degree, is not banned in any jurisdiction, and is not under the supervision of any lawyer.

The lawsuit is filed by California resident Jonathan Faridian, who claims to have used DoNotPay in San Francisco to help him draft letters of demand, small litigation pleadings, and operating agreements with legal entities. In all cases, according to the plaintiff, the work was “of poor quality and poorly executed.”

The lawsuit is filed by Chicago-based law firm Edelson and describes DoNotPay as an unlicensed practice of law. The lawsuit was filed in the San Francisco County Court.

DoNotPay was founded in 2015 as an app to fight parking tickets but has since expanded its services. DoNotPay’s website claims that it can help clients fight corporations, overcome bureaucracy, find hidden money, and “sue everyone.” The company says it uses artificial intelligence to provide legal services without the need to hire a lawyer.

Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay, said on Twitter that the claims are “baseless” and vowed to fight in court. He also stated that he was inspired to create a robot lawyer by the activities of Jay Edelson, the founder of the law firm Edelson, which filed a lawsuit against DoNotPay.

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