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League of Legends welcome to the opening of the game. along with activities to give away many prizes Just play the game!!


Sunday, January 8, 2023, 2:53:57 PM, Indochina time

after way riot debut League of Legends to come back into their bosom Which also comes with many problems that cause many players to have a headache. which can be aware of the problems that occur within the first day of the game League of Legends together inthis article

and if referring to the schedule that riot had been informed they would have an event in January 13 to February 21 There are many prizes that are selling points this time, whether

  • Complete missions to earn points that can be exchanged for rewards.
  • receive treasure token to permanently exchange various skins, including various items
  • Unlock all champions for free from year to year. 2009 until 2021


Of course, the rewards within the event that are available for exchange are extraordinary. because since capsule For random to get skins , do activities to get skins of champions since year 2009 – 2021 to redeem the level skin superb which has a high value 1000 baht per skin for the list of items available for exchange, it will consist of

itemPrice ( WelcomeToken )
welcome capsule (contains random skin fragments 5 item)12
Random Ward Skins5
random emotes3
random icon2
500 Orange Essence1
Hero Hatching Eggs4
Clever Inventor Egg4
Poggles and Bruno Egg4
egg Little Legend Rare3

Finally, for those who are looking for a rhythm to play back. league of legend Now is a very good time. However, the activity itself may be very difficult to complete various missions, but if you think about playing the game to get the first win of the day. It may be a matter of not much weight. but all for fun It should be reserved for a friend in advance. In order to be able to go hilarious than meeting late players venom which makes it so bad for your mental health that you stop playing this game one more time

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