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Love Pheromone v1.1.8 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download


“You either have everything, or you lose everything! In this world, there are only two of them.” “You” have a unique love pheromone whose scent determines your class. Your love pheromone has the ability to elicit human instinctual impulses! Is this power a boon or a bane?

The absolute Queen of the kingdom is the daughter of an unnamed poor nobleman. Death is the only option for the one who smells like the queen… That is why you are going to die. What? Do you wish to live? I’ll tell you something. The queen is not required to be “HER.” Now…what should “YOU” do? The start of a dangerous love! I adore Pheromone!

Your love pheromone threatens the absolute queen of the nation in a society where your scent determines your class! A complicated love story involving four men! Will these relationships with attractive men of various charms be a romance or a thriller? The ending depends on your selection; it is entirely up to you whether you gain love and power or lose all of this.

There are many dangerous yet sweet interactive episodes for mature users who enjoy dramatic stories with strong character narratives and intense plot engagement. Every decision you make affects the outcome, and the attractive and high-quality illustration piques your interest. Love pheromone romance fantasy with a beautiful kingdom setting.


  • Interactive episodes can be harmful yet are ultimately satisfying for older users.
  • Strong character story and tremendous plot engagement!
  • The conclusion is determined by every decision that you make!
  • The picture is of great quality and is both appealing and effective in evoking emotion.
  • Love pheromone romance dream with a gorgeous kingdom as the backdrop!
  • What would you do if you were in an exciting circumstance when four men were under the influence of your lovely love pheromone? Everything has gotten off to a running start! Discover your own unique Love Pheromone game!

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