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Mark Zuckerberg has also come up with an account that follows his private plane. It’s in Threads, as it should be


The creator of the ElonJet account has moved on to Threads, and will soon start following Mark Zuckerberg’s movements.

Mark Zuckerberg has also come up with an account that follows his private plane.  It's in Threads, as it should be
Mark Zuckerberg is another of the billionaires who frequently use private jets.

One of the first steps that Elon Musk took after acquiring Twitter was take down @ElonJetOne account-bot of the social network, which tracked the movements that the tycoon made in his private plane. Since the information is public, Jack Sweeney, creator of the bot, He returned shortly after with a new account. where it listed the movements of Musk’s plane with a 24-hour delay.

But Musk isn’t the only tech mogul flying around in a private jet. mark zuckerbergCEO of Meta, is also a frequent user of this type of transport, and Sweeney himself has taken advantage of the premiere of the new alternative social network to Twitter by Meta, Threadsto launch your account directed to follow the plane of sugar.

ElonJet returns in Threads and its creator now wants to follow Mark Zuckerberg

Scam more than 100 million registered users just five days after launchThreads has become the main threat on Twitter. It is not surprising, therefore, that in recent days a mass user migration from one platform to another.

Jack Sweeney himself, creator of @ElonJet, did not hesitate to open his famous Threads account with the aim of re-monitor Elon Musk’s movements in his private planesomething that Musk himself had prohibited on Twitter, alleging that this practice represented a risk to your personal safety.

so now It is possible to follow Musk’s travels again through the new ElonMusksJet account opened on Threads. But his creator does not want to stop there: he has also created an account in which he will follow the movements of the CEO of Meta himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

The account, called Mark Zuckerberg’s JetsHe hasn’t posted anything yet. Probably because its creator has not yet been able to identify the private jet(s) used by Zuckerberg. However, most likely it will not take too long for the account to register the tycoon’s movements.

According to the last Simple Flying dataMark Zuckerberg is one of the CEOs of technology companies that use private planes more oftenwith expenses that exceed 1.6 million dollars annually. According to Meta, “given the importance of Mark’s role at Meta and the threats to his security stemming from his role, Mark is required to use a private plane for all of his business and personal travel.”

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