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Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for the fight against Elon Musk and this photo shows it


If held, we would be facing one of the strangest combats of the century.

Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for the fight against Elon Musk and this photo shows it
The fight could finally take place

Mark Zuckerberg has unleashed a real bomb by launching his new social network. Threads already has impressive numbers Only a few days in operation. Something that has made Elon Musk unspeakably angry, who has openly come to challenge him to a cage match. Zuckerberg, far from refusing to fight, challenged him again a few days later, so it seems that both are willing to face each other in what would be one of the strangest fights in history.

Mark Zuckerberg vs. Elon Musk, a fight that could finally come

The hostilities that have sprung up in recent months between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg were quite to be expected. It is true that Zuckerberg has not commentedbut he has received a ton of insults and has been reprimanded in several different ways by Musk, who went so far as to openly insult him when Meta launched Threads.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg training with Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski

The truth is that as can be seen in the photograph, the founder of Facebook is in a fairly good state of shape, which until now was unknown. his love for contact sports. As can be evident, everything points to the fact that Zuckerberg is sending a veiled message to Elon Musk. It can be clearly interpreted as she is telling him that has nothing to do against him because he trains with the best and Elon Musk is not at Zuckerberg’s physical level at all.

For those who don’t know them, both are UFC fighters. Israel Adesanya has stood out as a masterful pound-for-pound fighter, coming to be considered one of the best in history. He started in the world of Kick Boxing, where he got 75 victories, while in the UFC where everything is much trickier He has achieved 24 victories with 2 losses. Volkanovski for his part is currently the best pound for pound in the world counting on the title of world champion of the featherweight of the UFC. With 26 wins and 2 losses, the mixed martial arts fighter is building his career quite successfully on the UFC circuit.

Having these two fighters by his side is proof that he is training with the greatest. Will we see a fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk? Everything seems to indicate that it really is not, but Zuckerberg did not want to miss the opportunity to send Musk the veiled message that has nothing to do against him.

In any case, it would not be surprising if they ended up accepting the fight in the end, but everything indicates that it is highly improbable since the message they both want to send It is very far from what could be settled in a professional wrestling octagon. However, stranger things have been seen, so it would not be strange if the conflict did not end in an exchange of threats and could lead to a catalyst in a ring.

On the other hand, Elon Musk has been training with other historic of mixed martial arts, Georges St-Pierre, one of the legends already retired from the world of contact sports.

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