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MBR Error 1, 2 or 3 on Windows 11/10 [Fix]


While starting your Windows computer, if you see MBR Error 1, 2 or 3 on your screen, then you can folow these instructions to troubleshoot the problem. There are two reasons that cause this issue, and we have discussed them both here with solutions to resolve the issue.

MBR Error 1, 2 or 3 on Windows 11/10 [Fix]

Fix MBR Error 1, 2 or 3 on Windows computer

To fix MBR Error 1, 2 or 3 on Windows 11/10, you will have to verify the Boot Order setting in BIOS/UEFI and rebuild Master Boot Record or MBR.

Sometimes powering down your computer, detaching your attached USB’s, wating for a minute and then starting your PC can help you boot to the desktop.

Now you will have to boot in Safe Mode or into Advanced Startup options screen to be able to carry out the fixes.

windows-10-boot 7

You may then have to make use of the Command prompt.

1] Verify Boot order setting in BIOS

Boot order must be set correctly in the BIOS. Otherwise, you could find several issues like this one. For your information, boot order helps the computer to decide the drive or device to use when booting your system. If it is set incorrectly, your computer won’t find the installed Windows. As a result, it may show various error messages or even won’t allow you to boot your computer.

So what you have to do is verify or change the Boot Order setting when starting your system. For that, you need to boot into your BIOS/UEFI screen. The right key for your system could be F1, F2, F10, etc. – and it depends on your manufacturer.

Change Boot Order in Windows 10

After that, go to the Boot utility or Boot section, where you can find the Boot Option menu.

From here, you need to choose your hard drive as the first boot order. Following that, save the change and try rebooting your PC.

2] Rebuild Master Boot Record or MBR

MBR Error 1 on Windows 11/10

The other possibility could be that your MBR has become corrupted. If that happens, you cannot boot your computer smoothly. To repair the Master Boot Record:

  • Open the Advanced startup screen.
  • Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command prompt.
  • Enter this command bootrec /rebuildbcd and hit Enter
  • Enter this command bootrec /fixmbr and hit Enter
  • Enter this command bootrec /fixboot and hit Enter
  • Restart your computer.

From now onwards, you won’t find any problem starting your computer.

If these two solutions do not work for you, you need to unplug the new hard drive and test them again.

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How do I fix MBR Errors?

To fix MBR Errors, you need to rebuild the MBR or Master Boot Record. Before that, you should verify the boot order. For that, you need to open up the BIOS screen and go to the Boot Utility section. From here, you need to set your hard drive as the first boot order. Running Automatic Startup Repair is an an option you may consider.

How to fix MBR in CMD?

There are mainly three commands that you must use to fix MBR or rebuild the Master Boot Record using the command prompt. They are: bootrec /RebuildBcd, bootrec /fixMbr, and bootrec /fixboot. Running Automatic Startup Repair can also rebuild the MBR.

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MBR Error 1, 2 or 3 on Windows 11/10 [Fix]

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