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Merge Mayor v3.9.375 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


Merge Mayor is a game where players will become mayor and build many things to change the town’s appearance. You will receive many different requests, and each request requires a corresponding item to fulfill. So you must go through the merge levels, and there will be many elements that can be unexpectedly unlocked that give you access to more complex items.

Merge Mayor Merge Mayor


Interesting mechanics appear before players in the new version of Merge Mayor, and of course, it has a specific influence on their gameplay. The first factor mentioned is that players can find the feature to recharge the energy faster. At the same time, it only takes place on only two days, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is important when the activities related to merging objects inside this game revolve around energy.

You also know the number and percentage of items you can unlock through the reward mechanisms. It can be said that this updated version brings many benefits to players and helps them accelerate the development of their town.


The role that you find in Merge Mayor is that you will take over a town of your own, develop many aspects of it, and complete quests. At the same time, these tasks will be continuously sent to you and force you to create progress when experiencing this game. In addition, with the items added to the game screen, you can also easily see the town’s change. So it will motivate you to overcome many different challenges.

Your job is quite simple: finding a requirement and finding out what is needed to fulfill it. After that, you will enter a room with many things gathered and try to find the necessary items, and after that, the rest will be done automatically. You will find many similar requirements, but the level of complexity in finding objects will increase and require you to spend more energy to overcome them.

Merge Mayor Merge Mayor


Finding objects in Merge Mayor is about merging the same things you see. Specifically, the objects that appear before your eyes have many types: wooden crates, movable objects, and locked objects. Locked objects will appear a ribbon, and they cannot be moved at all; in other words, you can only manipulate movable objects and perform merges. Also, you can drag a movable object to the locked object to create an object.

When you merge near a crate, they disappear when the process is done. Also, some chests can be sent to you, but they will take time to open, and there are items with a yellow background that can provide you with merge materials continuously when you click on them. You can merge an unlimited amount but should focus on creating what is required to save energy and have enough materials to create more complex items.

Taking over the town will require players to do many things that they are forced to do, such as:

  • They will need to make changes and complete requirements to change the town’s appearance.
  • These requests require a corresponding item number to occur, and the execution will be done automatically.
  • A warehouse with many different items can contain many different items and merge the same elements.
  • The complexity of the items needed for the quest will increase over time and require you to spend a lot of energy.
  • In the new version, users can ultimately find the time to replenish their energy and the percentage of items they receive.

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