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Meta could have to pay a fine of 88,000 euros a day if it does not solve its privacy problems


Meta will be penalized in Norway for collecting user data, a practice that is not allowed in the country.

Meta could have to pay a fine of 88,000 euros a day if it does not solve its privacy problems
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Meta faces a new fine. On this occasion, it has been Norway who has decided to impose a sanction on the company led by Mark Zuckerberg for its practices related to user data collection through its main platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. As indicated by the office in charge of regulation in the country, obtaining user data is not allowed.

Therefore, Meta may have to pay up to one million Norwegian crowns (about 88,500 euros to change) for each day between August 4 and November 3, until the company changes its user data collection practices.

Meta faces a new fine for breaching Norwegian privacy regulations

The data protection authority in Norway, The Norwegian Data Protection AuthorityHa confirmed its intention to fine Meta alleging that their practices are “patently illegal”and for this reason they believe that it is necessary to intervene immediately.

They explain that the company will be fined one million crowns every day for privacy violationsunless corrective action is taken immediately. According to Datatilsynet, Meta cannot collect data from users in Norway to use it in behavioral targeted advertising.

From Meta they have assured that will review the decision of authority, but they anticipate that will not have an immediate impact on your services. For its part, the regulatory office has already referred this case to the European Data Protection Board, and if you agree with the decision, could make the fine permanentin addition to expanding its reach to other regions of Europe.

The news comes to light only a couple of months after Meta was fined 1.2 billion euros for having breached the European privacy regulations by having been sending European user data to the United States systematically. Meanwhile, its CEO prepares for an MMA fight against Elon Musk.

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