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More than 60,000 Android applications are infected by malware


A report published by Bitdefender reveals that there are more than 60,000 Android apps with hidden malware.

More than 60,000 Android applications are infected by malware
An Android smartphone infected by malware / Image generated with Bing Image Creator

After having echoed the malware campaign that endangered millions of Android users just a few days ago, now we have to talk about a new threat aimed at owners of Android devices, of which we are informed by the Bitdefender cybersecurity experts.

In their latest report, the researchers claim to have discovered a new malware hitherto unknown, which would have remained hidden in about 60,000 different Applications for infected Android.

The malware has been active since October 2022

Before going fully into talking about the threat, it is worth mentioning that, on this occasion, the malware was not distributed through the Google Play Store. All malware-infected application samples were coming from alternative stores and application download websites. For this reason, experts insist on the importance of use only reliable sources when downloading applications.

That being said, after analyzing the infected appsit could be discovered that all of them contained malicious code that allowed attackers to carry out ad scam attacks it’s included cheat users to download other applications also infected with different types of malware, including some that could access sensitive data stored on the devices.

Total, there are more than 60,000 applications infected by this malware. Among them, they discovered paid games with unlocked features“cracks” for paid games, free VPN apps, video apps, services that pretended to be Netflix, YouTube or TikTok and more.

Once the malicious app was installed on the device, it did not show an icon or a nameand when trying to open it, the user would see a notice indicating that the “app is not available in your country”, so it was uninstalled. However, was not removed from the deviceInstead, it remained hidden in the list of installed applications, carrying out its attacks silently, consisting of bombard with advertising to the user, as can be seen in the video demonstration on these lines.

Since, on this occasion, the apps were not distributed through the official Android app store, Google does not have the ability to remove them and therefore will continue to endanger Android users. For that reason, Bitdefender experts recommend taking measures, including avoid downloading apps from unreliable websites or sources, and download an antivirus on the device that can protect it from these types of attacks.

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