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MrBeast has broken the YouTube record of 2022.


Friday, December 23, 2022 at 6:58:06 PM, Indochina time.

MrBeast break the record YouTube again as one of the Content Creators the most popular on the platform He has broken another record for this year. Nothing seemed to stop the heat of the Content Creators This is because his popularity continues to skyrocket as he receives subscribers in the channel YouTube more and more

For those who do not yet know MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson is one of Content Creators the most successful ever on YouTube Recently he has subscribers Over 100 million users on the platform His channel quickly became popular through his increasingly complex videos, self-financed. The more viewers and subscribers on the channel MrBeast The more, the more complex and expensive his videos have become over the past few years.

by MrBeast go as far as creating Squid Game which is a popular series of Netflix regenerated by Squid Game His viral event pitted all 456 contestants against each other and competed for small prizes and grand prizes worth up to $1000. 456,000 dollars (about 15,836,880 baht)

recently Content Creators The big name has broken another record on the site by account. Twitter at PwnyGaming which tracks channel analytics YouTube across platforms It has been revealed that MrBeast just broke the record subscribers The most in a single week for this year 2022, according to data from PwnyGaming During the week of December 12 – December 18 MrBeast he received subscribers Add up to 3,188,959 people

Not only did he spend a large budget on his content, it generated a lot of views. But viewers also flocked to the video of MrBeast Because he is willing to help other gamers by conducting funny and touching clips, charitable Community games and even being added to the latest skins of Fortnite last week It is therefore not surprising why MrBeast To have such a great week

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