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New DLC ‘End Transmission’ and new project ‘Dead by Daylight’


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 8:30:00 a.m. Indochina time

reactive behavior Dead by Daylight has revealed what’s next for Dead by Daylight, as well as its two spin-off games. But perhaps what’s even more interesting for both of these titles is the project developed by Supermassive Games while the game is still under development for now. It looks like this work will build on the formula that Supermassive has been very good at in games like Until Dawn and The Quarry. this link

This will be a single-player interactive story game with new characters introduced. “A rich narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices set in the backdrop of Dead by Daylight.” According to Behavior, more information about the game is expected to be released later this year.

Among the other spin-offs the team is developing is a co-op genre coming from Midwinter Entertainment. which joined Behavior last year. And this game, in its early days, focuses on themes of greed and desire for power. You will be able to team up with up to three other players.

Both of these games are follow-ups to Hooked On You, DbD’s killer dating sim game released last year. Another big project is the production of Dead by Daylight, with the well-known studio that created the horror blockbuster BLUMHOUSE & ATOMIC MONSTER also in the works. Behavior and its partners are now in the works. Looking for a director and screenwriter for this project.

Behavior also had a ton of stuff on the loose, speaking during Dead by Daylight’s seventh anniversary livestream, which contained news about an upcoming Cosmetics collaboration with Slipknot and Iron Maiden. And Ikumi Nakamura, former creative director of Ghostwire: Tokyo, who you might remember from the game’s debut at E3 2019, designed DbD Cosmetics as well.

Come to the gameplay side. The live stream mentioned the next chapter for Dead by Daylight, which will open on June 13, titled send end Bringing sci-fi horror to the game with a new map set on another planet that looks a lot like Atropos from Returnal, and a new killer coming soon: The Singularity. “This is a great combination of reengineered organic matter and mechanical parts needed to become a perfect being.” Said Behavior comes with a pair of survivors named Gabriel Soma, a space station technician.

Behavior plans this year through next year to add four new chapters, including End Transmission, and two that will bring another franchise-licensed killer to Dead by Daylight. above all We’ll also have two extra Survivor chapters. We already know who one of those survivors will be because he’s Nicolas Cage!

Just imagine the actors playing themselves in the game. How cool would that be? But if anyone thinks that Behavior will cast a voice similar to Nick Cage, it’s safe to say that’s definitely not the case. “Daddy Cage was generous enough to record every sound: grunts, screams. and the attempts you’ll hear in Dead by Daylight.” Mathieu Côté, Head of Games Partnerships told reporters at a preview this week. Hope Cage shouts about the bees and his eyes too. (It’s a parody of The Wicker Man.) However, you can expect to find out more about Cage’s introduction DLC on July 5th.

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