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O2Jam Online, launched on the first day, was bombarded with negative reviews until it turned red and included reasons that made game fans not happy !!


Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 6:24:45 a.m. Indochina time

On the first day of launch, it was creased for the past, an online rhythm game in the primitive era that has returned to service again. O2 Jam Online The game has been announced to steam since January 17 and make many fans of the game wait But in the end, the game turned out to be too disappointing. Until causing the game to be hit in a negative way until red from the first day

music rental system

One of the most powerful systems of O2 Jam that is” music rental system ” It will be a system that will allow the ability to rent both types of music. 7 daily and monthly, with different prices, such as

  • subscription form will be priced at $12 or about 450 over a baht
  • The system for renting a large group of songs There will be almost old songs 100 Music for rent, which must be paid as a top-up point within the game. which has a minimum of $2 or about 60 baht will get all 200 marking
    • 20 points for 7 day
    • 45 points for 30 day
  • model rental system package There are several separate sets and songs in addition to them. package large, which must be paid in the form of top-up points within the game which has a minimum of $2 or about 60 baht will get all 200 marking
    • 149 for 7 day
    • 299 for 30 day




Very outdated UI page

Although the appearance of the game is made out quite well. But if compared to the old games on mobile phones and tablet at O2 Jam It can be seen that the faces of the two are not very different at all. In addition, the game is forced to use. frames per second just 60 Including being unable to set up any game at all and with this careless look Therefore making the game look like it was made out casually to grab money at the end?



There are 100 songs to play, but there is no Keysound in the game.

It’s one of the most gripping stories of late players. rhythm greatly by you key sound That will happen when pressing a note within the game. This will cause the game to generate the sound of the note in that section after pressing the button. In order to tell the rhythm and help the game to be more fun

The name is O2Jam Online but the game is Single Player ?

It’s the most frustrating thing ever. Because the game was named ” O2 Jam Online ” but with no support for multiplayer But in any way, there will be just a system. ranking which will collect scores for every song, every play, every level To compete with who can play this game the most, that’s all, it can be said that it’s made out so bad that I don’t know what to say.


Known as O2Jam, but there are only 10 songs in the 7-Key system.

name O2 Jam The selling point of this game is the playing system that has a note to press. 7-key But the game pushes to bring various songs to play for free, just 10 Only songs Which, if wanting more songs, must pay at least a subscription fee $2 But when cutting the picture in the part of the game system 4-key and 5-key The game has a lot of songs to choose from.


It can be said that the symptoms are the worst until the size of the game has been voted by the players until the way. steam must say ” overwhelming delete ” or ” extremely negative ” Until it can be said that the symptoms are extremely heavy, and there are many things that are not mentioned, whether the game itself has occasional spasms. until it may cause that note sync go with the music, which if anyone has read up to here and is interested in trying the said game can go to download the game for free via steam together

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