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One Apex Legends player came up with an interesting idea to make Sentinel better.


Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 3:54:28 PM Indochina time.

player Apex Legends One person presented an interesting idea for upgrading a sniper rifle like the guard to be more useful in certain situations like breaking a door for players Apex Legends Know how difficult it is to deal with players hidden behind the door.

Closing the door and standing or sitting behind the door It’s a trick that most players regularly use to reset combat or increase armor and health. Being behind the door will block other players from opening it. And because the gate cannot be destroyed by shooting. Players need to use bombs to break down the door. If you want to break in

user reddit named Lenny_72_72 therefore proposed the idea of ​​giving guard can break down the door He posted a question to the community. Apex Legends in reddit to their idea of ​​a rifle capable of breaking doors when charging. which is similar to the buff on the gun rampant currently available This hypothetical upgrade will cause the shot to destroy the goal instead of penetrating it, causing guard Useful in destroying obstacles.

by gun LMG at rampant can enter the state “speed up” by using hand grenade This temporarily increases the rate of fire of the gun. and made it possible to break the goal in two shots meanwhile guard then can enter the state “perhaps” when using defense cell which will increase the damage for a short time with the similarity of the two mechanisms in using the aforementioned device to charge the gun way Lenny_72_72 So I believe it makes sense that both guns have the same Doorbreak buff. not only rampant

which the overall response for the recommendation of Lenny_72_72 going in a positive direction Many players agree that this upgrade will be a good addition to guard as well as improving the balance of guard At the moment, the gun is far from one of the most versatile of all. Apex Legends with a slow firing speed Even with high damage, which if guard Has been upgraded to be able to destroy doors according to the idea Lenny_72_72 presented, it will make guard Definitely become the most popular gun of the players. And may increase the ability to enter the home charge of each team

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