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One of Xiaomi’s most curious products will transform your home for less than 35 euros


Xiaomi’s smart lamp will allow you to create all kinds of environments at home without getting up from the sofa.

One of Xiaomi's most curious products will transform your home for less than 35 euros
This is the Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2.

In it huge Xiaomi catalog devices of all kinds can be found, not only smart phones. The Chinese firm sells from electric scooters even wearables like my band 7going through devices for your kitchen and many others. Today I come to talk to you about one of their home appliances, a purchase that arrives to transform yours into a better place.

The Xiaomi Night Lamp 2 it’s a smart table lamp you can buy right now for only 34.99 euros the official store of the Chinese firm. Its usual price is around 60 euros, you have the opportunity to save a good percentage. I assure you, this lamp is one of those purchases that you did not know you needed.

Mi 2 night light

Buy the Xiaomi lamp at the best price

Place this little lamp on any piece of furniture in your house, its minimalist design will make it look great wherever you put it. You just have to turn it on and pair it with the application Xiaomi Mi HomeYou will take control from your mobile in a comfortable way.

You can choose between an almost infinite variety of colors and intensitiesYou will have the possibility of creating all kinds of environments in your home with just a few touches on the screen of your mobile. If you have a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dotit will be even easier. Pair it with alexa and you will control it with your voice.

Create your favorite modes or choose from those that come predeterminedthere are some quite interesting ones. For example, the “Candle Twinkle” mode mimics the fluctuations of a flame and is very relaxing. On the other hand, there is a “Romantic” mode, one for watching movies and even a night light so you never hit your little finger again for walking in the dark.

Mi 2 night light

You have never had a lamp as smart as it is, it will be a before and after for your home. I assure, I have it at home and it is one of the best purchases I have made in recent times. If you are interested, do not think too much, the price could go up again at any time.

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