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OnePlus 10 Pro for 399 euros and another 4 bestial bargains from the AliExpress Summer Promo


We selected three mobiles, a tablet and a laptop with which to save a lot.

OnePlus 10 Pro for 399 euros and another 4 bestial bargains from the AliExpress Summer Promo

if these days you enter AliExpress you will see that the electronic commerce has a running special offer campaign in a very interesting selection of products, which ranges from fashion to technology. In this last sense, we are compiling some of the best bargains in this field, where you can find some of the most desired mobiles of the past 2022 at prices of real demolition.

A OnePlus 10 Pro for less than 400 euros? Made. The new OnePlus Pad of With discount? Made. AND 5G mobile for only 121euros? Made.

Also, beyond our “mini-compilation” you can also use any of the following discount codes to save on thousands of AliExpress Summer Sale products. Just enter them before paying and voila, the discount is applied automatically.

  • ANDRO4ALL18. 18 euros discount with a minimum purchase of 120euros.
  • ANDRO4ALL30. 30 euros discount with a minimum purchase of 200 euros.
  • ANDRO4ALL50. 50 euros discount with a minimum purchase of 300 euros.
  • ANDRO4ALL80. 80 euros discount with a minimum purchase of 450euros.

5 bargains from the AliExpress Summer Sale that you cannot miss

  • realm 9 5G. If what you are looking for is a smartphone with 5G at the lowest price and other than xiaomiWe guarantee that you will not find a better candidate than this realm 9 5G. This is the 5G version of the kingdom 9 which includes, in addition to the (obvious) fifth generation connectivity, a screen of 120hz and one 50-megapixel AI triple camera. It also comes with a Qualcomm processor and Android 12 from the factory, you will have a cheap mobile, with 5G and with a very good base of specifications.

realm 9 5G

  • OnePlus 10 Pro (8/128 GB). At the other end of the scale we find the OnePlus 10 Pro, a mobile that we analyze just a year ago and today it can be yours with a discount over 50%. We are talking about why less than 400 euro you will have everything a sir high-end equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 18 GB of RAM, 80W SuperVOOC fast charging, 120 Hz screen and a versatile and competent camera system. Take a look at all its features because for 399 euros it is a piece of candy.

OnePlus 10 Pro (8/128 GB)

  • LITTLE X5 Pro 5G. He too LITTLE X5 Pro 5G has an attractive discount. Although it has not been on the market for long, it is possible to buy the more advanced versionthe one with 8 GB of RAM and 256 storage, for 130 euros less. Just apply the code ES50 before paying and done. You will have one of the most balanced LITTLE in the mid-range at a minimum amount.

LITTLE X5 Pro (8/256GB)

  • KIDS HeroBook Pro. Leaving a bit of the mobile terrain we have to stop yes or yes in os 142 euro of the CHUWI HeroBook Pro, its lowest price ever. As we always say, it is not a laptop for playing games or for editing photos or video, but it is more than enough for students or for users who have to perform office tasks or surf the Internet occasionally. Comes with 8GB RAMWindows 11 compatibility, compact design, expandable SSD…

KIDS HeroBook Pro

  • OnePlus pad. We leave the newly arrived OnePlus tablet for last, a OnePlus Pad that in our analysis He left us with very good feelings. It is an advanced tablet that competes face to face with the almighty iPad, including features as interesting as 67 W fast charging, a panel of 144hz and a weight of just 552 grams.

OnePlus Pad (8/128GB)

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