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Only 9 euros to enjoy the sound of the future from Lenovo


They have a spectacular design that stands out from the rest of the headphones on the market.

Only 9 euros to enjoy the sound of the future from Lenovo
You can be the center of attention with these Lenovo headphones with a good sound, but above all with a futuristic design.

If you are looking for some cheap wireless headphones and that they serve you to take to the beach, on trips weekend this summer or to make the odd daily work call or video call, I have the solution. for so only 9 euros you can make with the Lenovo GM2 Pro, affordable and futuristic headphones.

This brutal price you will find it so much not aliexpress as in miraviaalthough in the latter you will pay for shipping. You can choose it in both available colors black and white. Me whites are more interesting to me because they have lighting that makes them stand out more. The original starting price was 20 euros, so you are saving half of its price with this offer. Although Lenovo leads the laptop marketit also has a great catalog of wireless headphones.

Lenovo GM2 Pro

Buy the futuristic headphones for only 9 euros

LENOVO GM2 Pro black

These headphones have a historic price and a crazy design.

These headphones have been designed to stand out among the vast catalog of headphones on the current market. They are very cheap, but that is not why they are bad or have a bad sound. On the contrary, thanks to his 10mm drivers made partly of grapheneThey can withstand higher frequencies than other materials.

They work with Bluetooth 5.3the latest version of this wireless data transmission technology. This one has a lower power consumptionso these headphones will have, despite their small size, a fairly good autonomy. With a single charge we can enjoy them for 5 hours straightand if we have the case charged to 100% we can have up to 30 total hours distributed in various charges.

In addition, as a great addition to this type of cheap headphones, we can use them independentlythat is, only one of them while the other is recharging in the case. In this way we can be aware of what is happening around us and keep a call in progress without problems.

Game Lenovo GM2 Pro

Latency is minimal in these headsets for a killer gaming experience.

Count on noise reduction in calls (ENC) that effectively suppresses external and disturbing noise. you will enjoy clear calls without interruptions of any kind and that your interlocutor listens to you in the best possible way. Each headset integrates a microphone to reduce this noise and capture your voice in the best possible way on each call.

On the other hand, we can use two well-designed modes: game mode and music mode. The big difference is that in game mode the latency is reduced to the minimum possible to be able to enjoy sound in the game no delays between what you see and what you hear. In music mode we will have an emphasis on bass and treble sounds to experience music like never before for this low cost.

Lenovo GM2 Pro

The most striking thing about these Lenovo GM2 Pro is their design, because both in the case and in the headphones themselves we have light blue LED lights They light up while in use. The design of these headphones helps a increased passive isolation with the gummies of different sizes included in the box.

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