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Overwatch 2 Hotfix Balance update for Doomfist, Sojourn, Roadhog


Tuesday, December 13, 2022, 2:28:36 p.m. Indochina time

Overwatch 2 Season 2 The new patch that entered the game at the beginning of the month came with a disaster. Because the buffed hero Doomfist pushed out too well, making it now the most popular hero in the tank position in the game already ..

With Rocket Punch’s increased damage and Power Block’s increased defense duration, it’s a tank hero who can leap into enemy backline supports and use Power Block to escape. can come easily

But even more sad is the new hero, Ramattra, who before entering was feared by himself, but actually Ramattra’s abilities are too limited in gameplay. Until causing its body to not be picked up to play as much as it should be Plus, most of the game’s fans have expressed the same opinion that Ramattra should be better buffed.

Finally, Blizzard is not alone as they prepare to fix the situation in Overwatch 2 by preparing a new patch Hotfix Balance (fast balance patch) for Overwatch 2 heroes that will be buffed and nerfed. The new patch includes Sojourn, Doomfist, Ramattra, Roadhog and Tracer (released via Twitter). OverwatchCaval)

At this point, it’s still unclear what balance changes will be made in Overwatch 2’s new Hotfix Balance patch, but it’s expected that Sojourn, Doomfist, Roadhog, and Tracer won’t be nerfed. As for Ramattra, Blizzard will probably buff it even stronger than before to make it more suitable for the new hero.

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