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Overwatch 2 patch 2.2.1 or Zarya will rise again after being buffed this time?


Friday, January 6, 2023, 5:06:57 p.m. Indochina time

Overwatch 2 has released the first patch for the new year 2023. In Overwatch, the new patch 2.2.1 will buff all 3 Overwatch characters, Zarya, Brigitte and Moira, along with balancing changes. To the female hero who was buffed when Overwatch entered Season 2, Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2 2.2.1 Patch Notes

The main highlight of Overwatch 2 2.2.1 is probably the Overwatch 2 character hero Tank that players have coined the word “rogue” when the new Overwatch 2 game Zarya has been buffed. to become better After the latter, she was picked up quite a bit due to being nerfed to the duration of the Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier bubble skills.

Overwatch 2 2.2.1 | Zarya Buffs

  • Energy (passive skill)
    – Zarya’s duration after gaining energy decreased from 2.2 to 2 per second.
    – Time delay before Zarya runs out of energy is reset from 1 to 2 seconds starting at the start of energy accumulation.

This buff will make Zarya a lot more powerful than the previous Overwatch 2 patch. Because she will be able to use the Particle Cannon to shoot enemies longer. Because when she’s hit, the amount of time she gains the Energy buff will bounce 2 seconds straight away. Causing no need to stand and wait for a long time until the bubble bursts before the gun is already powerful

Three others that were buffed and rebalanced in Overwatch 2 2.2.1 were Brigitte, Moira and Junker Queen, which to be honest they didn’t really show much effect. Especially in Brigitte’s case where her shield has been added to prevent damage from increasing by only 50 damage (a fraction of a second), which each has some adjustments that can be read below.

Overwatch 2 2.2.1 | Junker Queen Balance

  • Adrenaline Rush (Passive Skill)
    – Now when an enemy dies while the Wound effect is intact, it will still be healed by the Wound effect.
  • killing
    Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds per enemy hit.
  • serrated blade
    – Direct damage on landing reduced from 80 to 50.
    – When thrown, additional 30 Wound damage effects are applied to the target hit by the knife. Can be stacked with Wound caused by punching a knife. or from pulling the knife back

Overwatch 2 2.2.1 | Moira Buffs

  • barrier
    – Health increased from 250 to 300.

Overwatch 2 2.2.1 | Brigitte Skins

  • Biotic Orb
    – Now dealing damage with a Biotic Orb will restore a small amount of Biotic Energy.

By now, the game Overwatch 2 patch 2.2.1 has already been updated into the game. Which anyone who wants to know how much better Zarya or Junker Queen will be after adjusting, can go in and try it for yourself right now. But I can believe that Zarya’s pick rate should go up more or less than before ..

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