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Overwatch 2 Players Call For Pharah Temporarily Banned Due To Her Ultimate Bug


Monday, November 28, 2022, 3:57:21 PM Indochina time

Although Blizzard just fixed Mei’s bug and brought her back into Overwatch 2 a few days ago But now a new hero bug in Overwatch 2 has been born again. The lucky winner is an Overwatch peacekeeper, Pharah, a powerful DPS hero.

And with Pharah’s prowess as a DPS hero, she’s been picked up quite a lot. Because sometimes if not picking up a hitscan hero to counter her, Pharah will be a huge disaster to those who encounter it. Especially when it comes with a trusted Support like Mercy.

The Pharah bug in Overwatch 2 right now is not as severe as Mei’s previous case, but it still affects gameplay a lot. Because Pharah now has a bug that allows her to collect Ultimate Charges faster than other heroes.

Because normally if Pharah uses her ultimate, she uses 2100 points, but after a bug, Pharah uses points down to 1600, which is missing to 500. On the other hand, if Pharah hits an enemy with 11 missiles, her ultimate skill Her ultimate is ready to work right away.

Now, don’t be surprised if you play Overwatch 2 and Pharah uses his ultimate Rocket Barrage on your face repeatedly until you notice it. It’s been around for almost a week, but Blizzard hasn’t fixed it yet.

(It is expected that the ice wizard camp is probably aware of this and is still looking for a solution to this problem or at worst, we have to endure being hit by Rocket until Overwatch 2 Season 2 comes at all.)

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