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PT BlackBox 2.5 Application Analyzer Now Scans APIs


PT BlackBox 2.5 Application Analyzer Now Scans APIs

Alexander Antipov

The new version of the product also introduces role administration.

PT BlackBox 2.5 Application Analyzer Now Scans APIs

Company Positive Technologies introduced the latest version of its dynamic application analyzer, PT BlackBox 2.5 , which works like a black box and contains important new features. In this update, a role-based access model has been added that allows you to precisely define the rights of users to use various product features. Also included is the ability to scan API.

The role model of access is an integral part of the work of the IT and IS team. It ensures efficiency and convenience of work, allowing each employee to access only the functions necessary to perform their tasks. Thus, information security is ensured. PT BlackBox includes a group with three roles: auditor (view projects and reports), operator (change project settings, start and stop scans) and moderator (manage projects, scans and profiles within the group). All these settings are placed in the “Administration” section.

The second important innovation in PT BlackBox 2.5 is the ability to scan APIs based on OpenAPI version 3. You can use a token or cookies for authorization. Cybercriminals often attack API vulnerabilities to infiltrate corporate networks. The new version of PT BlackBox allows you to secure user interaction with the client application.

To get the new functionality, you need to update PT BlackBox to version 2.5.

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