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PUBG under Magic Esport has officially announced the end of a 3-year journey in the PUBG industry.


Monday, January 9, 2023, 5:27:58 PM, Indochina time

waved goodbye to another agency for magic sports One of the most famous clubs in the industry game that has built a reputation for a long time Came out to end the team’s heir game official After creating many different works on behalf of magic sports more than 3 full year

by period of time 3 last year the way magic sports Has created various works in the industry game Came out a lot, both winning rankings 2 from the list PUBG Thailand Open 2022 Summer to win the right to represent the competition in the program Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 – Finals in the middle of the month November Although in the end they will have to end up in the ranks. 6 and did not receive the prize money back in hand But if talking about the experience gained including the opportunity to show off their skills It can be considered worthwhile and can show off their skills with dignity.

after the way magic sports Announcing the retirement of one of the journalists in the PUBG team. and famous analysts support Has come out to guess the different slots in each team that have been taken in the program PUBG Thailand Pro League And there is a possibility that the slot of magic sports It may be under the name of Vampire Sports take over

by the way Vampire Sports It is one of the most famous names in the industry. PUBG Mobile And in the past, they just decided to jump into the industry. PC PUBG official and also play big by grabbing 3 Famous players from the agency Chonburi consists of

has officially entered a new home And of course, with this big play, even if they are a brand new team in the industry. PC PUBG But with the most intense players Therefore, it should be enough to guarantee that Vampire Sports Should have already received a slot to compete in the league

It is a pity for the industry. game at the way magic sports Decided not to continue on this path. But even so, the industry must continue to run and it is unlikely that in the future the way magic sports May decide to return to the industry again, just like the way QCofnirm It is possible that we have to wait and follow each other.

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