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Putin announced the need to create a “data economy”


Putin announced the need to create a “data economy”

The President of Russia has set an ambitious goal until 2030 for all IT professionals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged over the next year, develop a new national plan to create a “data economy”.

“I propose to start preparing a new national project for the period up to 2030, namely, a project to create a data economy. I want to emphasize that the goal is not only to combine the current tools to support the digital economy, AI and technology projects, including the development of quantum technologies, which companies with the participation of the state are now trying to implement. We need to create a common structure for the creation and wide application of innovative developments,” the head of state said at the opening of the Future Technologies Forum “Computing and Communications. Quantum World.

According to the president, the new national project should cover all stages and levels of work.

  1. Data collection: the use of highly sensitive sensors, including quantum sensors, to improve the accuracy of object positioning, early detection of diseases, and their application in areas such as satellite and terrestrial communication systems.
  2. Development of modern and new communication systems: work in the field of robotics, unmanned transport systems and urbanization.
  3. Development of sovereign cloud platforms and data centers: includes continued work on quantum communications technologies.
  4. Creation of national standards and data processing protocols: necessary for reliable processing and storage of data, including personal data of citizens, the use of quantum cryptography technologies, cybersecurity and protection against attacks.
  5. Development of data processing and analysis algorithms: includes solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.

According to Vladimir Putin, the presence of such national tools ensures data independence, significantly reduces dependence on foreign suppliers and strengthens control over critical infrastructure.

The President emphasized that work in all these areas should be aimed at systemic changes in all sectors of the economy, the social sphere, public administration, and the quality of life of people throughout the country.

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