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Realme has a special edition of the Narzo 60 inspired by Mars


This new design will be presented on July 6 in India, where we will know all its details.

Realme has a special edition of the Narzo 60 inspired by Mars
The Realme Narzo 60 Series 5G series soon debuts its new design, the Martian Horizon

In the absence of a few days for his Official presentation and premiere, from Realme they have not wanted to take it anymore and have already revealed the new update for Narzo seriesone that, even with the same design as its latest mid-range mobileshe Realm 11 ProThey present a quite attractive style and with a very strong themein fact.

It is worth mentioning that recently, this new model it had leaked through a report from 91Mobilesbut we can now talk about him in official terms. The first thing that should be highlighted is its name, since this new design has been called martian horizon for reasons that are obvious when looking at the model of this smartphone, which will be launched at the beginning of July of this year, specifically from day 6what will it be when it shows up in India.

Realme is already preparing to launch its new Narzo 60 Series 5G series

the new series Realme Narzo Series 60 5G will enter the Indian market at its premiere the aforementioned July 6 this yearso it is time to talk about the novelties that it presents, such as its addition to the segment of the affordable 5Gsomething worth highlighting. Likewise, we cannot miss the opportunity to point out that in this new generation of the Narzo 60 range, which will arrive in India, we find a design that He is very inspired by Marshence the name of martian horizon.

On the other hand, its rear part is what is attracting the most attention, since this device has a fairly wide circular chamber islandone that is surrounded by a panel at its rear of Orangeresembling the color of Mars, how could it be otherwise. Obviously all this it is very reminiscent of the Realme 11 Pro seriesand it is not for less, since the kinship is undeniable. Of course, in the absence of knowing the details that will be revealed in its presentation, it seems unlikely that the camera of the Narzo 60 Series 5G count on 200MPalthough to confirm this we will have to wait a few more days.

Another aspect that we can mention, in addition to its design and its rear camera, is that the smartphone seems to have a curved design, just like its screen. Additionally, we can also highlight that on its right side we will find the volume buttons and the power buttons. On their sides, it is worth mentioning that they have an aluminum frame. In closing, although it is not yet clear, it is likely that this Realme Narzo Series 60 5Gin your Martian Horizon design, arrive with at least a variant with 1 TB internal storage. Be that as it may, the official details will be released very soon, as much as on july 6.

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