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Romance Fate v2.8.5 MOD APK (Premium Choices, Free Rewards) Download


Romance Fate is a story-focused title with many stories waiting for you to discover. You are free to choose the story you like and go to a world with many surprises waiting. At the same time, you are also the one who determines the story’s development through the information that you have learned. From there, you’ll take your time to complete the story and find out what might happen in it.

Romance Fate: Stories and ChoicesRomance Fate: Stories and Choices


Players will be transported to the worlds corresponding to the different stories in Romance Fate, and they all bring you a completely new experience that you cannot ignore. You will spend time inside this world and develop the story direction you desire without leaving out any important information. So it will be a long journey that you will choose on your own, and it will completely engage you in many different aspects.

When you start the game, the player will choose the appearance of his character. The world in this game is designed in detail and beauty, where players will meet beautiful girls and impressive boys. At the same time, you will choose from many character parts depending on your preferences, such as the face, hair, and more. If you have to go to a party, you can choose your outfit.

Romance Fate: Stories and ChoicesRomance Fate: Stories and Choices


Players will have the right to choose the story that Romance Fate brings and know some information related to it to choose the one they feel is suitable. Besides the content it mentions, the fact that it is finished is another factor you will be interested in. After completing the selection, you will embark on a journey to explore the story’s unique world and the problems you will encounter. You won’t be able to skip any elements too quickly.

It is a game that focuses on story elements, so the primary experience you get comes from the information you encounter. There will be characters appearing before your eyes, and there is a little interactive element not to feel bored and easily focus on the story. Gradually, when you get to the hot issues in the story, it will be difficult for you to take your eyes off them. The burning issues are often in the choices you will make.

The characteristic of story-focused games is that you will bring yourself to the outcome you want. You will learn what is going on and gradually begin to bring the story to the right path. Also, you’ll need to make choices to do this, and you don’t know when they’ll appear. In addition, each choice will have specific effects that you should consider from chapter to chapter.

Romance Fate: Stories and ChoicesRomance Fate: Stories and Choices


The stories that Romance Fate offers are not the same or stem from some common event. So you are free to choose the story that belongs to the genre you want. Each has different content and brings an exciting experience for you. For example, in Forbidden Love, you go to a company to work and meet its CEO on the first day. Everyone goes to a party together, and after that, the protagonist and the CEO develop feelings.


  • From the moment you begin playing, you will be immersed in an incredible environment.
  • In the romantic tales, you might fall in love with millionaires, or you can experience your passion with vampires in the contemporary metropolis.
  • Explore the mysteries that lie hidden inside the walls of ancient, enigmatic castles, or live the high life in a Manhattan penthouse.
  • Every decision you make will result in a different outcome.
  • Select your narrative and decide your romantic destiny.

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