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RoV CUP gives away free Grakk and Enzo skins for the World Cup season


Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 7:01:02 PM, Indochina time.

RoV CUP, new patch activities, RoV to welcome the World Cup has started now. In addition to the main highlights such as the RoV Valor Pass 37 skin reward, World Cup theme or a new football mode. The team also organized an event to give away free skins to players to welcome this World Cup season as well.

The skins that will be given away are the skins for the RoV hero, Suppport, Grakk, and the RoV hero, Jungle, Enzo. The Grakk FIFA World Cup 2022 Skins will come in a World Cup theme, just like the skins in the Valor Pass. Season 37, the name of this skin is Mysterious Horned Fan Grakk, where we will see Grankk transform into a World Cup cheerleader. Plus, this skin can change up to 3 colors: white, red and yellow.

As for Enzo, although it’s not a World Cup-themed skin, it’s pretty pretty. Because we will see the hero Enzo in a cool mountaineer version under the name Mountaineer Enzo, whose weapons will be transformed into mountaineering equipment along with a winter hat and a full-length cape.

Now the Mountaineer Enzo skin is open for RoV game fans to enter the game to do activities now. Which will start from November 26 – December 10, while the Mysterious Horned Fan Grakk skin will follow later on December 8 – 23, let’s say, don’t wait with the free RoV skin giveaway This is of the team. Because all they picked up were all new RoV skins. The activity itself was not difficult at all because it could be done directly in the game.

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