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RoV Lightning Castle Buriram United Esport Cheats death to qualify for APL 2023 playoffs


RoV Lightning Castle Buriram United Esport Cheats death to qualify for APL 2023 playoffs

Monday, July 24, 2023 at 4:16:44 PM, Indochina time.

In the APL 2023 Group Stage, something incredible happened to the Buriram United Esports team, because the castle warlords were able to turn their destiny into the playoffs of the APL 2023 in an incredible way.

Before the start of the APL 2023 Group Stage group stage last week, the Buriram United Esports team had a chance to enter the playoffs with a small percentage because they had only 1 point from defeating the eArena team.

Therefore, for Buriram United Esports, they will be able to win the next round is to beat the top team from Vietnam that has never lost a single match like V Gaming, a rival team and Flash Wolves, a tight blue wolf from Taiwan with a score of 2-0 in both matches. After all, based on the form of the Thunder Castle, no one would have expected them to succeed.

But in the RoV game industry, anything can happen because the route of cheating death enters the Buriram United Esports team’s APL 2023 playoffs, starting with them being able to defeat a strong team like V Gaming with a score of 2-0, causing the door to enter the playoff round to decide in the final match.

And as you know, Buriram United Esports, after a break of just a few days, they exploded in form like a different team that performed in the APL 2023 competition, especially the decision on the Dark Slayer, a well-made God Slayer figure able to snatch or keep God Slayer so many that it was the factor that made them qualify for the APL 2023 playoffs in the final match, just by defeating the direct rival Flash Wolves 2-0 that no one would believe.

From the performance of Buriram United Esports that we have seen in last week’s competition. So now they are back on the path to win the APL 2023 championship again, because if they can maintain the same form as when they defeated V Gaming and Flash Wolves, it can be said that the Thunder Castle may come back to take the throne again. But in the end, that hope ended because Buriram Untied Esports opened their heads by losing to V Gaming, falling to the bottom bracket and being knocked home by fellow countryman RoV team Valencia CF Esport.

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