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RoV released a picture of the hero Batman after the model remodel made the game fans cry !!


Thursday, December 29, 2022 at 6:14:34 PM, Indochina time

How close to the end of the year, the Garena RoV team has to hurry and release updates to the movements of all RoV DC heroes for game fans to know. Because as I said in the previous article that they will have to rework all the DC hero characters because of copyright issues with DC (Read more)

And after yesterday, the team released the image of the hero Cary Joker in the Remodel edition, the coolest white-headed figure came out, the response must have been overwhelming. Because the model used by RoV fits perfectly with the game itself. Therefore, fans expect a lot that the remaining heroes will come out as beautiful as Joker’s.

Which is as expected, because the next hero that Garena RoV released is a concept art image of the hero Batman who is the opponent of the Joker itself, designed to look as aggressive as the original from Batman, but that makes it Looks beautiful and unusual than before.

By the hero RoV Batman after the Remodel, the new character is designed in a theme similar to that of a dark young vampire. with a hairstyle that looks like the protagonist in an anime Plus, the protagonist’s costume comes in red that represents full madness. And if there is nothing wrong with RoV’s story, he would be The Joker’s opponent after Rework as before.

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