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RoV x Jazz Spooknick Papiyong Kookkook Give away permanent free Inw Yorn skins !!


Tuesday, December 20, 2022, 6:32:31 PM Indochina time

Officially launched for the collaboration project between the RoV game and Jazz Chuan Chuen Dara.

famous artist By joining hands to promote the new RoV skin of the popular cary hero Yorn in the name of the troll skin Inw Yorn

And most recently, the activity that RoV will give away free Yorn skins in Inw Yorn form has already begun on December 17 until the beginning of next year, January 2, by the process of receiving the Inw Yorn RoV skin. For free, it’s very easy, because just press enter the RoV game to participate in the in-game activities to collect all the jigsaw puzzles and then wait to receive the Inw Yorn skin for free.

In addition to launching the RoV Inw Yorn skin and giving away free RoV skins, Garena also draws on the artistry of Jazz Chuanchuen to use in this event. by handshake with Jazz Spooknick Papiyong Kookkook (Name in the music industry of Chuan Chuen Jazz) launches the MV of the song Yorn Fao.

In the MV, the song Yon Fa is handsome We will meet many famous RoV players such as Guy Nghid, Kit Ngai, Jai Rao, Pang Sam Pong Sao. who will come to cosplay as a character in the RoV game to enhance the enjoyment of watching music Yorn Fao beautiful song Finally, I would like to emphasize once again that don’t forget to enter the RoV game and get Yorn’s free RoV skin, Inw Yorn skin as well, MOBA gamers on mobile.

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