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RTVE Play is updated with more channels


The RTVE streaming platform now has 3 new thematic channels that you can now watch from any of its versions.

Watching TV online and for free has never been so easy: RTVE Play is updated with more channels
RTVE Play expands its catalog with 3 new thematic channels that you can now watch live.

RTVE Play It is one of the platforms that we recommend the most to watch series and free and legal movies. If the service catalog was already immense, now it is even more so thanks to the arrival of 3 new thematic channels which can now be enjoyed by all users. Like the rest of the catalogue, these 3 channels are accessible completely free of charge.

Until now, RTVE Play broadcast live the signal of its television channels: La 1, La 2, 24H, Teledeporte and Clan. In addition, it also had the first of its thematic channels, Somos Cinewhich broadcasts Spanish films in whose productions RTVE has participated. The platform is now reinforcing its commitment with the inclusion of 3 new thematic channels. While two of them will issue content of an audiovisual genre specifically, the other will be dedicated entirely to one of the most successful series of RTVE at present.

These are the 3 new thematic channels of RTVE Play

RTVE Play has welcomed 3 new thematic channels just this week, so it has an even broader catalogue. The first of these channels is made for lovers of crime genrethose who enjoy stories based on crimes and investigations. This channel broadcasts police genre series as The hunt and documentaries based on true stories as The deck killer.

Secondly, RTVE Play now has a specific channel for one of the most successful content on the channel, the vintage one. strings like love in troubled times, Mrs either Isabel have brought great joy to RTVE Play in terms of audience, which is why it has decided to dedicate a specific channel to this type of production that is broadcast 24 hours a day of the day

RTVE Play thematic channels

These are the new thematic channels added to RTVE Play.

Finally, RTVE Play has added to its catalog a thematic channel of The promiseone of his most popular series currently. This period story brings together around 1 million viewers after dinner, which is why RTVE has decided replenish your chapters continuously on a channel with the same name. Be careful, we must bear in mind that this series It also appears on the channel Épocabut there the broadcast time is shared with other productions.

If you want to see any of these channels, you just have to access to RTVE Play website or download your appeither on your mobile, on your tablet or on your smart TV. Both the download and the access to the catalog are completely free, which is why it is one of the streaming platforms that we most recommend for watch series, movies, documentaries and live TV channels at no cost.

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