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Samsung Smart Monitor M8, analysis


This has been my experience with Samsung’s smartest display.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8, analysis: a good screen that does not quite find its place

samsungone of the greatest experts in the world of smartphones, televisions and almost any other technological device that has a screen, you have created a smart monitor. The Samsung Smart Monitor M8which I have had the opportunity to test during the last days, It is much more than a screen to connect your computer to.

Has a life of its own, is able to work without any other device connected and offer an interesting multimedia experience. This Smart Monitor is practically a Samsung smart TV designed to have its main virtue in versatility.

I’ve never been a fan of 2-in-1 devices, I’ve always thought that who covers a lot doesn’t squeeze and, spoiler, I don’t know if I’m completely convinced by the creation of the Korean firm. This has been my experience with the Samsung Smart Monitor M8.

+ Pros

  • immersive experience
  • 32 inches and 4K that look great
  • good compatibility

– Cons

  • Only 60hz?
  • Its viewing angles are very poor
  • Makes sense for a small number of users

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 price and where to buy it

You can buy Samsung’s smart monitor around 600 euros. It went on sale only a few months ago for 799 euro, but you can already find it at a better price in the Samsung store itself. We are talking about the model that I have had the opportunity to analyze, the one that has 32 inches and 4K resolution.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Data sheet of characteristics

Samsung Smart Monitor M8
Dimensions (with base)713.4 x 575.2 x 203.8mm
6.7kg weight
Screen32-inch, 3840 x 2160 (4K), 60Hz, 16:9, Mini LED, HDR10+
Operating systemTizen
OthersUSB-C, HDMI, remote control
starting priceFrom 799 euros

A familiar design

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

This is the spectacular front of the Smart Monitor M8.

Made of plastic, the Samsung monitor comes with a 32-inch screen and 4K resolution that occupies a very good percentage of the front. Despite what you might expect for its price, it doesn’t convey a premium feel. The plastic is fine and it’s pretty, but it’s a notch below what it should be.

We find ourselves with a striking panel, not only for the power of its colors, but for its minimalist and corner design. The lower frame is somewhat larger than the sides, but it does not tarnish an experience that is totally immersive.

In essence, we find a simple design that is quite reminiscent of the Pro Display XDR from Manzana. There are not many ways to build a monitor, it is true, but it is inevitable to think about the device of the Californians. However, both are unmatched for price range and materials.

Our protagonist is height and tilt adjustableI haven’t had any trouble finding the right position. It also incorporates a camera that adheres magnetically to the back of the monitor in a mechanism that is quite satisfactory. We do not forget its remote control, very light and with buttons dedicated to applications such as Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video.

Quality with an unexpected but

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 camera

Samsung’s monitor comes with a front camera that is attached magnetically.

We know that Samsung is synonymous with good work when it comes to screens, we also know that we can expect vibrant and striking colors. This M8 Smart Monitor complies, looks really good and calls for consuming all kinds of content. It’s not perfect though, I think its viewing angles are not up to par.

It is enough to move a little to realize, if you are not correctly positioned in front of the monitor the image is lost with a total blur in which all colors are denatured. The truth is that something like this is surprising in a device that went on sale for 799 euros.

We also come across about 60 Hz which could have been more considering its price. In general, the Samsung monitor conveys the feeling that it should give something more in many of its sections. Its “smart” facet seems to have increased the price of a product that is not round in basic aspects.

What is the meaning of the word smart?

The term “smart” that we find in the name of this device is what is intended to differentiate it from the competition. But, What do you mean exactly? It is one of the first questions I asked myself when I started testing this M8.

One expects to find the word “smart” when talking about a device that traditionally has not been smart. “Smart TV”, “smartwatch”, “smart speaker”. However, I think it does not quite fit in the creation of Samsung. In general, a monitor that has been designed to live next to a PC or Mac does not have much of a life of its own, depending on a computer to display its content.

Remote control of the Samsung Smart Monitor M8

The best applications are included in this command.

Therefore, we assume that those who buy a monitor are going to connect it to a computer, so they will not need any parallel operating system. I am not going to play or work on my Mac and then switch to the operating system of the monitor (very similar to that of a smart TV) and put a series on Netflix. I would just search for Netflix in the browser and that’s it.

I am aware that Microsoft 365 applications can be used with the so-called “Workmode”, but it does not seem sufficient to me. In fact, we find ourselves with curious situations if we go into the product page on the Samsung website. The image of a woman sitting on the floor appears, with the monitor on a glass table and ready to watch a movie.. Is this what Samsung expected us to do? Wouldn’t a user who bought this monitor already have a television?


This is a good monitor, with a great design, leaving aside its construction and with great image quality, ignoring its viewing angles. As I pointed out earlier, this Smart Monitor is marked by what could have been.

I have had a good experience, make no mistake, my 13-inch MacBook Pro has found a good companion in the Samsung monitor. Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s worth paying a price like this. Options can be found that offer similar or better image quality for less money.

BenQ Monitor 4K 32 inch HDR

Regarding the “smart” part… I honestly don’t understand the focus of the Korean firm and I think that what could have been attractive is halfway done. I’m not saying it’s not useful, but The users who will really be able to take advantage of this Smart Monitor M8 will not be many.

This device has been thoroughly tested Independent thanks to a transfer by the brand. The article contains purchase links for which Andro4all could receive a commission. join up to the Andro4all bargain channel to find out about the best deals before anyone else.

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