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Samsung updates one of its most special products with a feature that will blow your mind


2023 arrives with a new version of Samsung The Freestyle, with an updated design and a function designed for gigantic projections.

Samsung updates one of its most special products with a feature that will blow your mind
Samsung’s The Freestyle projector gets a major upgrade in 2023 // Image: Christian Collado.

The FreeStyle projector was one of the most special products presented by samsung in 2022. However, as we told you in our review of The FreeStyle, performance was pretty fair for a device of 999 euros. “New year, new life”, they must have thought from Samsung, which has prepared a new and improved version of the projector for this 2023.

Presented at CES in Las Vegas, the renewed Samsung The FreeStyle has an updated design and a feature that will blow your mind. And now they can combine two projectors to output one gigantic image automatically, without the need to manually align or adjust it. There are some things that do not change in this new The FreeStyle 2023, such as the Tizen TV OS operating system.

Samsung The FreeStyle 2023: new design and a very special function

Portability, build quality and the good sound They were some of the details that we liked the most about Samsung The FreeStyle when we had the opportunity to analyze it. Nevertheless, the lack of precision of the autofocus Y very poor performance they made it difficult to justify their 999 euro price. The original idea was good, but the implementation was not so good.

Nothing that can’t be fixed with a new version of the projector that improve weak points of the first generation. This is how Samsung The FreeStyle 2023 arrives, which, to begin with, leaves the previous design for become a kind of tower that integrates easily into any room, according to since SamMobile.

Samsung The Freestyle 2023

The new Samsung The FreeStyle changes its design to become a tower.

One of the novelties of the updated projector is that now has three lasers to output a higher quality image. However, the most striking thing is that it will now have a function called “Smart Edge Fusion”that will allow users to combine two The Freestyle projectors so that the image is even biggerwithout the need to manually adjust or align it.

Now you will not only be able to watch your favorite series and movies wherever and whenever you want, you can also do it in a big way if you have two identical Samsung projectors. The setting is in 21:9 format and, as we mentioned, the image is automatically adjusted so that you don’t have to do anything.

As announced by Samsungyour renewed projector will be compatible with Samsung Gaming Hubthe cloud gaming platform developed by the South Korean company. Therefore, users will also be able to play where and when they want thanks to this new compatibility.

samsung freestyle

There are a few things that will stick with the updated Samsung The FreeStyle, like the Tizen TV OS operating system and access to apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney Plus. At the moment, we do not know the launch date or the sale price of this new projector, but we can imagine that will be around 999 eurosjust like the previous generation.

If you are looking for a projector and you are interested in the Samsung one, you should know that the 2022 model is already lower in price big time in stores like Amazon, The English Court, Samsung official store Y media marketyou can even find it with discounts of up to 300 euros.

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